It’s cool to be a mum of the 80′s!

With Mothers Day fast approaching, it’s time to consider what gift you’re going to treat her to – and as always – TruffleShuffle have it covered! The only question you have to ask yourself is ‘What kind of Mum is she?’ – then you can leave the rest to us!
If, like mine – your mum was responsible for some disastrous home made Super Hero costumes as you were growing up, then why not show her how ‘times have changed’ by treating her to a ‘Girl Power-esque’ t-shirt or accessory. With the likes of Wonder Woman, She-ra and Supergirl – you’re bound to find something that will save the day!
Fancy herself as a bit of a Goddess in the kitchen? If so – then what better way to spice up her kitchen than with some quirky retro homeware gifts. This week we had some amazing goodies hit the TruffleShuffle shelves – including the Monopoly Board Tea Towel which would look great tucked into any of our aprons while she’s cooking your favourite home made meals! We also recently added some amazing Espresso sets from Twister and Cluedo – you can check out the full range by clicking here.
With our wide range of 80’s music t-shirts – she can show off her appreciation for all her favourite bands, while rocking one of our funky t-shirts. In a variety of shapes and colours, we have something for everyone. For our full range of music t-shirts and gifts click here.
If you want to surprise your mum with some jewellery – you cant go wrong with one of our new Disney Couture items – full of fine detail and lots of sparkle – you’re definitely going to make her day with one of these gorgeous bits of treasure! For our full range of 80’s inspired jewellery click here.
To check out our full range of hand picked goodies from the TruffleShuffle team – click here for more inspiring gifts.
If you opt for Saturday delivery – you can order right up until 4pm on Friday, and as always – we provide a hassle free returns policy if you need to return your gift for any reason! xoxo

Michael Buble: “My wife bought me these Superman socks”

The legendary crooner Michael Buble appeared on Live with Kelly, a popular US chat show today and rocked our awesome Men’s Superman Figure Socks!

Men's Superman Figure 2pk Socks Michel Buble Live with Kelly

He revealed “My wife bought me these Superman socks, they say a lot about your personality!”

Great choice Mrs Buble!

And this isn’t the first time he’s been spotted sorting socks featuring the Man Of Steel!

He made an appearance at Brown Thomas to unveil their Christmas windows and to switch on the Grafton Street Christmas lights in Dublin, Ireland on November 18th and wore them again while talking to reporters!

Men's Superman Figure 2pk Socks
Men's Superman Figure 2pk Socks

Get your very own pair for just £7.99 here but we quick! They’re flying out faster than the big man himself!

Need Inspiration? The TruffleShufflers Have Created Some Retro 80′s Pumpkins To Die For!!!

This week, the TruffleShufflers have been racking their brains and seeking inspiration for that well-known Halloween dilemma, what the hell do I carve into my pumpkin???

Yes, for this week’s Friday Facebook competition, everyone at Truffle Towers was given their very own pumpkin with the brief that we had 2 days to design and create a character carving with a retro, 80’s spin.

Well, I must say the end results were very impressive! After a week of highly competitive talk and secretive Internet researching, the portly pumpkins have now been papped and released on our Facebook page!

The name of the game is to LIKE or comment on your favourite to help us decide which TruffleShuffler deserves the title of Pumpkin carving chief! The one with the most votes wins the TruffleShuffler a prize and whoever likes or comments on any pumpkin gets popped into a hat and we’ll randomly select one of you to win a special Halloween treat! You can enter here until 2pm today so please do get invovled!

So, here are the entries..

Superman Logo
Mario (Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo)
Gene Simmons (KISS)
Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Space Invaders
Elmo (Sesame Street)
The Count (Sesame street)
Chunk (The Goonies)
The Cheshire Cat
Batman Logo
Transformers Autobot

From Pac-Man to Mario, Transformers to Sesame St, a whole host of our favourite characters have been represented in pumpkin form!

Which is your favourite? xoxo

Weekend Movie Sofa Challenge 2 – The Sequel

O.k. so two weeks ago I set myself a challenge to watch as many movies as possible over the course of a weekend.

I’m almost ashamed to say I failed that challenge. I put it down to a short attention span and consuming too much alcohol on Satuday night which meant I got out of bed to find I’d missed most of the day. EPIC FAIL!

Luckily though, all is not lost! Whilst browsing the good old TV guide this week, I noticed that Sky movies sci/fi has a Superman marathon on (not easy at all to say.)

Yes all my fellow wannabe Superheroes, all four Superman movies starring the legendary Christopher Reeves along with Superman Returns are being shown on Sunday from 12:40 pm onwards.

Unfortunately for me however, I don’t have Sky nor do I know any one that does, bad times! Never fear though, if you’re in the same boat and need a retro movie smack upside the head this weekend, here’s an alternative list of old school delights available to you this weekend on good old regular television.


Smokey and the Bandit 2: Watch Bert Reynolds and his awesome tash from 11:55-1:45 on ITV

City Slickers 2: I’ve seen the first one so I’ll try to watch this which is on from 1:45-3:50 on 5 USA

Short Circuit 2: Number 5 is alive and is a total robot legend, in fact the best robot ever next to Steven Hawkins whose technically not a robot but a cyborg. On from 4:00pm- 6:10pm on G.O.L.D

Weekend at Bernie’s: It’s pure 80’s gold and if you haven’t seen it, you should! In fact, if there’s one movie to watch this weekend it’s this one. On from 7:00pm-9:00pm, ITV4


Every Which Way But Loose: Clint Eastwood and an orangutan named Clyde get into trouble with hillarious results. It’s on from 11:45-1:50 on ITV

Batteries Not Included: Tiny space robot fun, on from 3:35PM- 5:40PM on ITV3

Toy Story 2: Buzz, Woody and my personal favourites Mr. and Mrs. Potato head are back for round 2 in my pick of the day! Fantastic fun for all the family! Catch it from 6:05-8:05 on C5

Hot Shots Part Deux: And our final retro treat comes in the form of Charlie Sheen before he went a bit nuts mind. Brilliant fan! 7:20-9:00pm Film 4

And that’s all folks! Any great movie recommendations you might have would very much be appreciated seeing as I’m trying to make up for my appalling lack of commitment last week.

If you do watch any of these films let us know what you thought, after all, the films you watch inspire us to make better t-shirts.

Have an awesome weekend everybody.

Comic Con 2011!

If you’re anything like us then you’ll be eagerly waiting for the 42nd annual San Diego Comic Con to begin next weekend! For those not in the know, Comic Con is for anyone who’s really into comic book, films, TV shows, and anything else nerdy! It’s basically a huge gathering (over 120,000 strong so really, really HUGE!) of enthusiasts (generally dressed up as their favourite characters) all coming together to share their stories and trade their wares. The best bit is that you get to meet the creators, artists and stars of some of these amazing productions which is why it’s such a mecca!

Originally started by a group of comic book fans in the San Diego Area, the first convention was held in the basement of the U.S. Grant Hotel with an attendance of  just 300 people.The convention has moved about throughout the years, going from the U.S. Grant Hotel to the University Of California At San Diego and finally to the San Diego Convention Center. In that time, it has grown to an attendance of over 100,000 people and has expanded to four days. It has now become the largest comic book convention in the world so it’s pretty special!

Just some of the weird and wonderful fancy dress you can expect to see people wearing!

Looking good ladies!
You too boys!

So are any of you lot going this year and if so – seeing as it’s pretty much obligatory to dress up, we figured we’d run down some of our favourite Fancy Dress Costumes to help get you sorted!

First off, you could be flying off to comic con in proper old school style with this amazing official Superman costume. It’s all you need to woo your adoring crowd and go about your super hero activities! Proudly show off your ripped torso and world saving capabilities for all to see! And all that for £36 too!

Men's Superman Fancy Dress Costume £36.00
Men's Superman Fancy Dress Costume £36.00

Show mercy to those whose fancy dress costumes just cannot compare to this, an amazing Ming The Merciless costume! The evil villain from Flash Gordon, certainly does not look minging in this finery! With a red velvet cape and gold detailing (including the star logo on the back,) the costume includes a velvet cape, full length elasticated waist tunic, foam belt, velvet collar and gloves in gold and red.

Men's Ming The Merciless Flash Gordon Fancy Dress Costume £52.00
Men's Ming The Merciless Flash Gordon Fancy Dress Costume £52.00

And not forgetting the girls! Just for one night (or more if you like it!) become the Princess of Power, She-Ra and shout at the top of your voice ‘For the honour of Greyskull, I am She-Ra’! This fab fancy dress costume comes with headpiece, cape, top, skirt, arm cuffs and boot covers!

Ladies She-Ra Fancy Dress Costume £30.00
Ladies She-Ra Fancy Dress Costume £30.00

Don’t quite fancy going the whole hog and going all out in Fancy Dress? Well fear not TruffleShufflers, we of course have a tonne of awesome T-Shirts for you to show off your true fan credentials somewhat more subtley!

There’s Iron Man, a cool exec with a heart of steel, Tony Stark is the invincible Iron Man and more importantly, the star of this new Super Hero tee from Junk Food!

Men's Red Iron Man T-Shirt from Junk Food £24.99
Men's Red Iron Man T-Shirt from Junk Food £24.99

Or if you prefer your Superheroes a little more stacked, there is of course The Hulk!  With an image of the mighty Marvel character crashing through the tee, it’s definitely a no messing kind of tee!

Men's Incredible Hulk Crash T-Shirt from Junk Food £24.99
Men's Incredible Hulk Crash T-Shirt from Junk Food £24.99

From men’s Superhero T-Shirts to ladies She-Ra T-Shirts – you can’t fail to find the perfect outfit so make sure you drop by and check out our huge range of old school goodies which are just perfect for any fellow geeks whether you’re off to Comic Con or not!

But for those of you lucky enough to be going along, make sure you take lots of pictures as we’d love to see them!