What a treasure! New and exclusive Goonies T-shirt at TruffleShuffle!

The Goonies has to be our all-time favourite film, it inspired the name of our company after all!  So we always get a little bit extra excited when a new Goonies T-Shirt arrives and this fresh and exclusive design is certainly no exception!

What a treasure! This highly nostalgic movie tee features a vintage distressed map as the background, set against the key characters represented in a silhouette print. A fab find for any child of the 80’s who followed the adventures of Chunk, Sloth and the gang.

Ladies Goonies Map Poster T-Shirt - £19.99
Mens Goonies Map Poster T-Shirt - £19.99

And if we’ve now got you in a Goonies state of mind have a look at some of our best-selling designs, these classics are available in both ladies and mens and are perfect for showing your love for one of the finest films of the 80s!

We all know that Goonies Never Say Die, so say it loud and say it proud with this amazing tee from the nostalgia specialists here at TruffleShuffle. The fab skull print has a wicked textured feel and has been distressed for that authentic vintage look!

Ladies Goonies Never Say Die T-Shirt - £19.99
Mens Khaki Goonies Never Say Die T-Shirt - £19.99

How to do the TruffleShuffle
1.Get in position with your feet apart and knees slightly bent
2.Lift your shirt up to your chin and expose that lovely belly
3.Shake that belly baby. DO IT!

If (like us unsurprisingly!) the Truffle Shuffle is your best bit of  The Goonies then you need this in your life. Featuring a print of the three steps involved in Chunks belly baring dance, it’s a brilliant tribute to Chunk’s piece de resistance!

Ladies How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt - £19.99
Mens How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt - £19.99


Brand new Dark Crystal tees for all you epic adventurers!

We always listen to our fans at TruffleShuffle and one of the most asked for requests has always been for Dark Crystal T-Shirts, so we are very pleased to announce the arrival of our first exclusive and official, own brand Dark Crystal tees!

Ladies Grey Dark Crystal T-Shirt - £19.99

The Dark Crystal is a 1982 fantasy film directed by the legendary Jim Henson and Frank Oz.  The storyline involved Jen, an elf like ‘Gelfling’ and his quest to restore balance to his fantasy world by returning a lost shard of the dark crystal back to the powerful but broken gem.  The film had a whole host of memorable characters including the Skesis, who were an evil race of grotesque birdlike lizards and who used to scare a generation of children enough to hide behind the sofa!  After work on the Dark Crystal had finished Henson and Oz’s next project would turn out to be the film Labyrinth, one of TruffleShuffle’s all time favourites!

Mens Charcoal Dark Crystal T-Shirt - £19.99

This fab new Dark Crystal design focus on Kira and Jen, but also has appearances from other characters including Aughra the wild-haired seer, Urzah the mystical urRu and Fizzgig the loveable pet.  The ladies Dark Crystal tee is available in a sport grey colour for £19.99 and the mens Dark Crystal tee is in a darker Charcoal colour, also for £19.99.  It’s the perfect chance to show your love for this classic film!

Grab a chance to see Mickey Mouse in a whole new light!

Check out these awesome new Disney T-Shirts we’ve just had from the guys at Bloc28 by Disney.

Mens White Old School Mickey Mouse T-Shirt from Bloc28 by Disney - £24.99

Bloc28 by Disney are a group of artists whose mission is to re-interpret Mickey Mouse using non-traditional media like murals, graffiti and street art.  It’s a really unique project that encompasses artist visualisations of one of the worlds most recognisable characters!

Mens White Multi Colour Mickey Mouse T-Shirt from Bloc28 by Disney - £24.99

These officially licensed Mickey Mouse T-Shirts add a quirky, retro, humourous touch to the classic Disney character that manages to bring him bang up to date!

Mens Black Mickey Mouse Crossbones T-Shirt from Bloc28 by Disney - £24.99

These Bloc28 T-Shirts have got me really interested in the artists and ideas behind it all, and with the project going from strength to strength I’m sure we can expect to see some hot new products in the future!

Save the day in style!

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a superhero?  Well you can start looking the part with our fab new superhero T-Shirts.  This new collection of mens T-Shirts features logos of Marvel and DC’s finest, Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

Superman T-Shirt
Mens Blue Washed Superman Logo T-Shirt from Fabric Flavours - £20.00

Instantly recognisable, this Superman T-shirt features his classic logo in a distressed print.  This tee has been Marble-washed to create the prefect shade of blue which shouts out vintage!

Batman T-Shirt
Mens Dark Grey Washed Batman Logo T-Shirt from Fabric Flavours – £20.00

Maybe the Dark Knight is more your style?  This iconic tee features a distressed Batman logo on a Marble-washed shade of grey.

Spiderman T-Shirt
Mens Red Washed Spiderman Mask T-Shirt from Fabric Flavours – £20.00

Last but certainly not least, representing Marvel we have everyone’s favourite web-slinger Spiderman!  Featuring a distressed image of his mask this is the ultimate in comic cool!

Save the day in style with our awesome new super hero T-shirts, which hero will you choose!?

You Need Nickelodeon!

Have you got fond memories of rushing home from school and slumping in front of the amazing kids channel Nickelodeon for hours on end?  Or maybe you even appreciated the finer points of it’s cartoons as an adult, like I do now!  Either way, we’ve got a treat for you to help remember those halcyon days!

First up we have the deliciously dark Invader Zim!  This series was about an extraterrestrial named Zim from the Planet Irk, and his ongoing mission to destroy the planet Earth, which (luckily for us) never seemed to go to plan!  Our tee features his quirky and loveable robot servant GIR, who was the ultimate fan favourite from the show.

Ladies Navy Invader Zim T-Shirt - £22.99
Mens Navy Invader Zim T-Shirt - £22.99

Next up we have the awesomely bright and colourful show Rocko’s Modern Life which aired between 1993 and 1996.  This show was based around the surreal adventures of a wallaby named Rocko, and his life in the city of O-Town.  Originally from Australia, it showed the hardships of Rocko adjusting to the American way of life!  Our brand new T-Shirt focuses on Rocko and his faithful dingodog Spunky.

Mens Yellow Rocko's Modern Life T-Shirt - £22.99
Ladies Sky Blue Rocko's Modern Life T-Shirt - £22.99
Mens Rocko's Modern Life Sweater - £29.99

Hope these fab new designs have bought back some great memories for you all, which tees are your favourites and is there any other Nickelodeon T-Shirts you would like to see in the future?