Our Top Ten Puzzles to Keep You Occupied in 2021

Anyone else wished they could spend more time at home, and now regretting ever thinking that would be a good thing? Getting (read: having) to spend more time at home over the last countless months has totally highlighted the importance of keeping busy, staying focused and setting little challenges or goals.

For us, one thing that has totally made lockdown life a whole lot more bearable has been getting stuck into some totally fun and challenging Jigsaw Puzzles!

We’ve been constantly expanding our range and even developed and designed our very own fun puzzles for adults featuring some top retro titles like Labyrinth, Button Moon, Fraggle Rock and more!

Settling down to piece together these has given us some real quality downtime and has totally encouraged mindfulness while offering a challenge to focus on.

To help you get stuck into the action also, we’ve picked out our top ten puzzles to see you through 2021 in style, whatever it may bring.

Labyrinth 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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The Golden Girls x Cakeworthy Now At TruffleShuffle!

Celebrate your favourite 80s ladies 35 years on with the totally exciting new collection of Golden Girls Clothing from Cakeworthy!

Packed with 80s charm and style, we’re so excited to have this amazing new collection as a European exclusive here at TruffleShuffle.

SO good, even Dorothy Zbornak would want it, dive below to check out the limited-edition collection in full (You can thank us for being a friend later…..) 📺

Perfect for Summer and adorned with a print of our favourite four ladies alongside their favourite dessert, this Golden Girls Cheesecake Dress is THE perfect tribute to the feelgood fashion icons.

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The Missing Piece In Your Life…. Our Awesome Puzzles!

Getting us through the quiet nights more than we ever thought they could, our latest collection of puzzles are total gifts from above and have quickly become our favourite way to spend an evening. No, really!

The ultimate in a digital detox and a total game-changer for mindfulness and relaxation, we’re SO excited to have our range of jigsaws that feature some of our favourite TV shows, musicians and brands. Let’s take a look…

Where's Bowie Jigsaw Puzzle

Where’s Bowie Jigsaw Puzzle

Groud control to major fun! Pop on a bit of Aladdin Sane or The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and fully immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful world of David Bowie with this awesome Where’s Bowie jigsaw puzzle. Illustrated by UK artist Kevin Gahan.
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Our Top Shows They Totally NEED To Put On Netflix!

Remember the days of having to tune in each week at the exact moment on the right channel to catch the next instalment of your favourite shows? Oh, and then the fear of missing it and then having to wait for the repeat? Forget that!

With soooo much awesome TV and Movie content avilable now right at your fingertips through Netflix, this got us thinking…. what’s missing? Which shows should they seriosuly be bringing back to life and letting us dive back into once more?


Not just because we love nothing more than a good old reminisce…. okay maybe partly that, we decided to put together our top list of classic shows they simply HAVE to put onto Netflix. Take a look…

Knight Rider

The man, the myth, the legend – Michael Knight and KITT were all you needed back in the 80s. Right trousers that you could hardly believe he could walk in, a car that makes even super smart cars now seem pretty useless and with some awesome plots that had more twists and turns than a racetrack, it was bliss!

– There’s more! Check out our collection of Knight Rider TShirts!

The Golden Girls

Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose AKA the ‘dream team’! Sharing the weird and wonderful lives together through seven glorious seasons, The Golden Girls will always remain one of the best comedy shows ever and we should all still be enjoying their.. ermm… wisdom still!

– But wait! Take a peep at our range of official Golden Girls TShirts

Dawson’s Creek

If you were a teenager in the late 90s (which can only be around ten years ago or so, right?), chances are you were glued to Dawson’s Creek! Life, love and everything in-between, this total telly classic was packed with drama that had us hooked from the get-go. Come back into our lives Dawson!

Birds of a Feather

Another totally classic packed with strong female characters we just couldn’t get enough of.  A real dive into British comedy and fun, we loved the highs and lows of Tracey, Sharon and of course Dorien. A total 90s throwback that will have you shouting ‘people liked wallpaper like this’ at the screen. Turns out, yes, yes we did.

Blind Date

Looooong before online dating and dating on an island somewhere because… well because we had Blind Date. Presented by the legendary Cilla Black, we were treated to all new levels of cheesy chat-up lines, dodgy clothing and some of the best TV you could hope for. Bringing a sense of game show to the dating scene, we just really want to be screaming NUMBER 2! PICK NUMBER 2! at the TV again.

Twin Peaks

With sooo many amazing shows now being created and launched onto Netflix, we figured we should be giving a strong mention to bring back the mighty Twin Peaks into peoples lives and treat an all-new audience to its magic. Packed with great acting and even greater writing and storylines, for its time this TV great was a real treat that should be seeing the light of day once more.

Men Behaving Badly

There are few shows that would have had us staying up late to watch back in the day, but it’s safe to say that Men Behaving Badly was one of them! Some of the BBC’s finest comedy work, this show had us in stitches as we followed Tony and Gary through their messy, dysfunctional and seriously funny lives. Bring back the fun factor!

The OC

In a world where all the people, their homes and the locations are all way too beautiful, their lives certainly are not! What maybe would start out as a guilty pleasure quickly turns into straight up fully immersive and fun! A real binge show with people smashing their way through the DVD box sets, if you’re into drama, fun and having a crush on a TV star this is the one for you.

You’ve heard our faves due a comeback, but what are yours? LEt us know below or over on Twitter.