100% Proud: Exclusive Pride Charity T-Shirts Are Here! 🏳️‍🌈

In honour of Pride, we’re releasing this special collection featuring some absolute ICONS starring on a range of tees celebrating our love and support for the LGBTQ+ community.
With love, acceptance, equality and self-expression at its heart, wear your pride on your sleeve with these rainbow-filled slogan tees designed to empower, embrace, support and celebrate love in all of its forms.

TruffleShuffle Pride Charity TShirts

Each design is limited to 100 pieces and 100% of the proceed of the sales will be shared between Stonewall and Just Like Us to support their work towards LGBTQ+ equality.

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😍 Mad about Moomins? You Will Be… 😍

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of Tove Jansson’s first Moomin graphic novel back in 1945 so we’re celebrating the best way we know how – with exciting new Moomin merchandise of course!

Moomin Clothing

As well as brand new and exclusive tshirts and hoodies, we’ve also added these adorable Moomin homewares adorned with the beloved characters and design elements plucked straight from the Scandi world of Moominvalley.

Moomin homewares

The iconic Moomin spirit lives on in this brand new jewellery drop modelled on the playful, fanciful characters. Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Stinky and Little My have all been immortalised in this too cute for words collection.

The sea is a super important part of the Moomin world and so as part of the 75th-anniversary celebrations, they’ve teamed up with the John Nurminen Foundation to raise funds to save the Baltic Sea. For every item purchased from this fabulous range, a donation is made to help the Moomins save #OURSEA and protect its heritage.

Want more? We don’t blame you. Make like a Moomin and come check out our full range of official Moomin Clothing and gifts!

Pssssst! Keep your peepers peeled for even more Moominous treats coming soon…

Moomins Scene Pink Sleeve Print Sweater
Moomins Welcome To Moominvalley White T-Shirt

Moomin’ Marvellous! xoxo

As with any great book, it all starts with the creator – and this is no exception! The creator of The Moomins, Tove Jansson – a swedish artist, illustrator, a comic geek started something amazing in 1945 – which to this day is still very much in our hearts! Nowadays, Tove Jansson is the most translated Finnish author of all time; her works can be read in over 30 languages. As well as Moomins, she wrote about other subjects, too, concentrating more and more on adult books in her later years.

Over the 50(ish) years of Moomin-ness – it has definitely earned its place in the golden library, that’s for sure! 9 books were released…picture books, comic strips and TV adaptations….impressive huh? Oh, they also have their very own theme park, but they don’t like to brag! Moomin World sounds like the kinda place miserable people go to become happy. The park’s aim is to implement Moomin philosophy: family unity, non-violence, friendliness, environmental awareness, safety and adventure, as well as values promoting parenting. We recently discovered Moomin World, and can definitely say – if we ever joined a cult…then it would be one full of awesome Moomins.

Whilst dreaming of a land far, far away (Finland) we can only imagine such awesomeness under one ‘roof’, however – we like to think TruffleTowers has a lot to offer too. From Moomins t-shirts, to Moomin gifts, we really do have something for everyone.

Moomins T-Shirt Ladies White Moomins Border Print T-Shirt Ladies Sky Blue Wanna Dance Moomins T-Shirt

If you’re looking for something for your home to wear, then check out the new additions to our retro homeware section. As well as Moomin tea towelswe even have awesome little postcards meaning you can share the love while on the move!

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