TruffleShuffle Insider: Meet…Lee

It’s that time again TruffleShuffle fans!!

Yep for a few weeks now we’ve been going around the office picking on people selecting a lucky member of staff to take the plunge and answer some hot burning questions on here our wonderful retro blog.

This week is the turn of a TruffleShuffle veteran Lee to take the hot seat and tell us all about himself an what he does here in the weird and wonderful world of TruffleShuffle. Sit back and enjoy everyone!

What do you do here at Truffle Towers?
I’m the in house Product Photographer.
How long have you been at TruffleShuffle?
Well it’ll be my 7th TruffleShuffle birthday this September so you should start thinking of something nice to get me…. I like cake ; ) *Hint Hint*
What do you like most about working here / best thing about your job?
I’ve had a string of jobs in the past where you wake up in the morning with the dread of having to get up and go to work, well I haven’t had that feeling for nearly 7 years now thanks to the epic friends (Yes Simon I said EPIC! haha) I work with, plus there is always cake. Did I mention I like cake yet??
What is your favourite tee currently on the site?
He’s the merch with the mouth and by far my favourite Marvel character. Trust me this cool t-shirt will soon be mine! All MINE I TELL YOU!!! MWHAHAHAHA!!!!

Marvel Deadpool T-Shirt

When you’re not at TruffleTowers, what do you like to do?
Well when I’m not busy taking photos of some wicked tees you can’t probably find me climbing up something. For the past few years I have been obsessed with Bouldering and Rockclimbing. Here I am topping my first 6b – 7a+ (Sorry climbing nerd alert)…
When I’m not climbing I’ll be sipping on a nice pint of Bath Ales (Barnsey if your offering) and hanging out with my new buddy Jake the dog…
Name three things you like…
Rock Climbing, Cake and Rock Climbing Girls
Name three things you don’t like….
1)    Too much chocolate in cake and biscuits. I.E. chocolate sponge with chocolate filling with chocolate chips and topped off with a smothering of chocolate. (I’m actually getting wound up thinking of it)2)    People who talk over you because they can’t wait to hear there own voice.

3)    Balls through the maze game. Any game where you have guide a set ball around a maze or into various holes. After about 8 seconds I’m using a hammer.

What were your favourite three films as a kid?
Labyrinth, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, H.G. Wells, The Time Machine.
Who is your idol?
Without doubt my idol has to be my brother. He has a knack of talking me into things I don’t think I can do weather it be throwing myself down a massive hill on my Mountain Bike or like the time he signed me up for a Air Guitar competition at the Reading Music Festival and I actually won. I think the stage dive at the end was the clincher.
Who is the last band you saw live?
I think the last band I saw live was The Cat Empire. They are an Austrailian band with some wicked funky feel good tunes.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If I could could be anywhere right now it would be Yosemite National Park in California. It looks naturally stunning and is home to some iconic climbing routes
Which iconic TV/Film car would you most like to own?
I would probably have to go for the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.
What music are you listening to at the moment?
I’m currently listening to Electric Worry by Clutch. Blast Tyrant and from Beale Street to Oblivion are two awesome Clutch Albums. Pearl Jam Is favourite band and I’m also prone to a bit of BB King, Frank Zappa, Beastie Boys and Gogol Bordello.
If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
If I’d won big on the lottery I’d like to invest in a wild life charity. Living the rest of my life in beautiful country side working with Wolves or orangutans and trying to save there environment.
So there you have it folks! Stay tuned for plenty more staff insights and find out just who powers the TruffleShuffle machine. See you next time with our next victim chosen one :)xoxo

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