TruffleShuffle Helps Chernobyl Children

We were contacted recently by the Chernoble Children’s Project UK as they are organising a charity ball to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident and asked for our help with their fundraising.

The charity works with children in Belarus who have been affected by the nuclear disaster in 1986. Some of the many projects Chernobyl Children’s Project undertakes include organising recuperative holidays in Britain for Belarusian children, providing sanatorium holidays for disabled orphans in cleaner areas of Belarus, delivering humanitarian aid, setting up projects in Belarus to improve the lives of suffering children and their families and providing training and support to make long-term changes to the lives of those affected by the accident.

The charity ball will be held on Saturday 1st October in Altrincham, near Manchester and has a 1980s theme and so we have donated a gift voucher for the raffle which the lucky winner can spend on our site!

If you fancy a night of entertainment, including an 80’s tribute band, a DJ, raffle and other 80’s themed games you can find out about more about the event and the charity on their website.

We wish the Chernobyl Children’s Project UK all the best with their event and fundraising and look forward to hearing all about it. (with talk of our Rubik’s Cube fancy dress costume, there are sure to be some great photos of the event which we will be sure to share with you!)


I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed In 3D!!

If wasn’t named after the dance Chunk does in The Goonies movie it would probably be called Great Balls Of Fire or something to do with Top Gun! Us Trufflers are huge 80’s movies fans and so of course we were massively excited to hear about Top Gun being re-released in 3D.

So Maverick and Goose are getting ready to enter the danger zone once again with the added bonus of 3D. The company responsible for the remake are Legend3D and they have been busy at work converting the film for an early 2012 release however there hasn’t been an official announcement by Paramount yet. According to Legend3D’s CEO they want to get director Tony Scotts approval first, we do hope he likes it!

Just think – Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis and the gang in 3 dimension, that fly by scene is going to be A-maz-ing!!

If Top Gun isn’t your cup of tea then perhaps you might favour one of the other classic films getting the 3D re-release treatment with the Lion King out now and George Lucas planning to release ALL THE STAR WARS FILMS over the next couple of years!

What do you think? An opportunity to see the iconic film again on the big screen, another staff night out to be planned we think!


For All Your Bits And Bows Needs!

There is always great excitement when a new delivery arrives at Truffle Towers and this is especially the case when a new delivery of beautiful jewellery lands in our warehouse! This week saw the arrival of the oh so pretty, sparkly and cute range from new brand Bits and Bows.

Lovingly hand-crafted in England and inspired by nostalgic trinkets, charms, treats and childhood memories, Bits and Bows jewellery offers extra special and individual pieces sure to delight you as much as it did us Shufflers!

The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair clips so there is something for everyone. With some very realistic looking sweetie pieces you will have to careful someone doesn’t try and take a bite when you are wearing the Flump, Milk Bottle and Shrimp Charm Bracelet!

Flump Milk Bottle and Shrimp Sweetie Charm Bracelet from Bits and Bows

If a sweet treat is not your style then perhaps something from the London’s Calling collection would be a way to add a splash of colour to your outfit. You can choose to adorn your neck with a Black Cab, Red London Bus, Red Telephone Box or Red Postbox – which will it be?

Red London Bus Charm Necklace from Bits and Bows

Something for your hair perhaps, we have it all covered with this Set Of Four Love Hearts Hair Slides! Depending on your mood you can choose “BE MINE” or “KISS ME” – just be sure the right persons reads them!

Set Of Four Love Hearts Hair Slides from Bits and Bows

A personal favourite has to be the Cinders Pearl and Charms Stacker Bracelet as it captures my love for fairy tales with amazing attention to detail with silver charms including a tiny pumpkin carriage and crown. The pearls and silver bangles help to give this gorgeous piece a more grown up feel and a way to show your appreciation for the fairy tales we grew up with!

Cinders Pearl and Charms Stacker Bracelet from Bits and Bows

To see the full collection of tasty treats, fairy tale fabulous, retro ready and London lovelies available from Bits and Bows check out the full range available exclusively at and let us know what your favourite is?!


Who Ya Gonna Call?

This week we’ve just launched a brand new collection of Ghostbusters T-shirts from Fame and Fortune.  Of course this got everyone in the office buzzing, but I was most excited of all cause designing these Tees was my first ever project for TruffleShuffle!  Seeing the final results of my work is such a great feeling and it took me back to when I had just started working here as a designer.  For me there couldn’t have been a more perfect starting point as I am a huge fan of the classic film, I remember that I couldn’t wait to get started!

Just seeing the logo brings back many spooky memories!

The first step towards building a new collection of tees is to really research your subject, so luckily for me it was the perfect opportunity to spend an evening in and watch the film again for the 100th time, any excuse will do!  I knew there were a number of bases I had to cover, everyone loves Stay Puft, Slimer is a definite and we really wanted to see the Ecto-1, but it was really useful (and fun) to see the film again as it refreshed my mind and reminded me of some really classic catchphrases and scenes.  It was the best way to get me back in the Ghostbusting state of mind!

As well as the ultra popular “Who ya gonna call?” and “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” I loved the phrases “Don’t cross the streams” and “When the light is green the trap is clean” and was determined to get them included on one of the tees!

Don't cross the streams... It would be bad.

I also included the Ghostbusters Montage design to show our four heroes fighting against some of the monsters from the film as well as a special appearance from the ghost best know from the films main logo!

Ghostbusters Montage T-shirt from Fame and Fortune, Only £20.00

My favourite character from the film has to be Stay Puft and I really enjoyed showing two different sides of him in two of the designs.  First up was the big, looming outline design with those angry eyes and evil smile but second is the sugary sweet and super cute Stay Puft marshmallows design.  I love these two designs and will wear Stay Puft with pride, I might even choose which one to wear depending on my current mood that day!

Stay Puft Outline Ghostbusters T-shirt from Fame and Fortune, Only £20.00

All in all this has been such an enjoyable project and I’ve loved every minute of bringing the Ghostbusters crew back to our TruffleShuffle T-shirt selection.  I hope you guys like the set and keep your eyes peeled for even more designs to be added soon, a sneak preview of which has been included in this blog post!  Hopefully this will help to keep you Ghostbusters fans happy while rumours for a third film continue to circulate.  Bring back Stay Puft I say…

A sneak preview of an upcoming Stay Puft tee!

Bert and Ernie will not marry!

While catching up on all the news this week TruffleShuffle spotted an amusing story about two of our favourite Sesame Street characters and just had to share it with you! Sesame Street makers have confirmed that Bert and Ernie, best friends forever will not be getting married as was hoped by fans.

The odd pair first appeared on our screens in 1969 with the intention of teaching children that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. Despite numerous campaigns and petitions calling for the couple to get married the Sesame Street show makers have decided that the duo shall remain very good friends!

For now the quirky characters including other Sesame Street friends Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch and The Count will continue to entertain 120 million viewers across 140 countries, pretty impressive we think.

With such a huge fan base we thought we would introduce our amazing new collaboration with Sesame Street! Exclusive to TruffleShuffle, each limited edition design has been inspired by old school music iconography for the ultimate in ‘Street’ fashion. Available in both men’s and ladies sizes, which one spins your decks?

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street……?!