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Update your style for summer with this fruity Snow White apple ring from as seen in this week’s Reveal! 

Fruity accessories were all over the Spring/Summer 11 catwalks, with top designers from Miu Miu to Prada utilizing super kitsch fruity charms bringing chic and quirky together. Stay on top of the fash pack and get ready for summer fun with this gold plated apple ring sparkling with Swarovski crystals by celeb-fave Disney Couture, just £38.00 from here!

We Need Your Votes!

To celebrate the best in online fashion have just launched their annual Online Fashion Awards for 2011 and we would love your votes and hopefully you would love to vote for us!

It will only take two minutes of your time to nominate as your favourite online retailer. We know how much you love us, you are always telling us how great we are – well, here is your chance to share the love and let the rest of the world know it!

If you would like to nominate us please follow this link:

Nominations will close at midnight 25th March. The 50 entries with the most votes will be passed onto the judging panel, who will be drawing up a shortlist in April. You can vote as many times as you like, nudge nudge, wink wink 😉

Come on Shufflers, you know what to do…… xoxo

Space Hopper Saves The Day!

While getting our fix of the mags last night, TruffleShuffle came across this amazing story of how a Space Hopper saved the lives of two young girls and we had to share it with you.

The two girls aged 15 and 16 were walking along a sea wall in Dawlish when a freak wave knocked them off and swept them out to sea. Neighbours heard the girls screams and ran to help but when they realised the life bouy wouldn’t reach them, they had to come up with another plan of action. Luckily, another quick thinking neighbour just happened to have a Space Hopper to hand?!! which he was able to throw out to where the girls were trying to stay afloat. With the help of the super space hopper, the girls were able to hold on till the life boat and coast guard rescue teams arrived.

Both girls went on to make a full recovery after their ordeal and will always remember the funny faced, bouncy toy that saved their lives. Get your very own super life saver for just £14.95 at

We know what we are taking with us to the seaside this Summer!

How to do the TruffleShuffle….

As we’re sure many of you have already guessed – we’re named after a very special scene from the 80’s classic, The Goonies!

Ever had the urge to re-create Chunk’s infamous TruffleShuffle (Do it!!) – well now you can with this hillarious step by step guide which we just found on here…

Step 1
Stand on something like a milk crate or soapbox with your feet together and knees slightly bent.

Step 2
Lift your shirt up to your chin exposing your belly and man-boobs.

(Note: Ladies, it is acceptable for you to just lift your shirt up to your chest exposing only your midsection. But it is generally not recommended for women to do the Truffle Shuffle, it is not a very flattering dance).

Step 3
Rapidly shake your belly and butt while wildly moving your torso from side to side. It should appear that you are having a seizure, but remain standing with your feet in one place.

Step 4 (This is our favourite!)
Scrunch up your face like an angry chipmunk or deranged woodchuck.

Step 5
Make incoherent sounds as if you just stepped out of a cold shower or are speaking in tongues.

Step 6
In the immortal words of Clark ‘Mouth’ Devereaux, – “Do it! DO IT!”

Still stuck – just copy the big man himself…

If you do give it a go, send us your pictures or videos for a chance to win one of these beauties….

Over and out….