Up, Down, Round and a Click onto our new Words and Pictures T-Shirts!

We’ve got a real blast from the past folks!

We can still remember it now, the feeling you got when you saw the TV set and huuuuge VHS player being wheeled into the classroom, you knew something exciting was about to happen which meant you didn’t have to do long tasks or writing. Bliss!

What made this time so special was of course the amazing programming that soon followed. We would be taken to the land or learning and guided through some tricky spelling and word rules with the trusty light-up pencil from Words and Pictures!

Showing us how to join up words to make them look extra grown up, this amazing retro TV icon is long forgotten now which is what makes this amazing and totally exclusive new t-shirt that extra special!

Let us lend a hand (or should we say pencil) and guide you through improving your wardrobe with the help of TruffleShuffle!

Words and Pictures T-Shirts

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What do Chunk Clothing eat for Breakfast?

The new tee collection of Chunk T-Shirts has landed at TruffleShuffle. With their humorous take on iconic retro characters and movies, it does make us wonder what the designers there eat for breakfast!! With that in mind, here’s some questions only Chunk Clothing would ask themselves:

– What would the cast of Star Wars look like in their 1977 School Yearbook?

– If you double parked your AT-AT would a parking attendant still clamp it?

– Does Darth Vader do a little DJing ‘on-the-side’?

– What would Mr.T be like if he were a dog?!?!

– Could Alices curiousity for bottles labelled ‘Drink Me’ end in a drink problem?

Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself one or more of these questions then Chunk T-Shirts are DEFINITELY for you…. (And may answer the question!)

Brand New Chunk Clothing

PlayBoy T-Shirt’s – Simply the Breast!

Boys, check out these super sweet, officially licensed Playboy t-shirts. This ‘cheeky’ range of t-shirts features cover shoot artwork, slogans and original retro designs.

And to top it off Playboy will generously donate a portion of all sales of this shirt to The Playboy Foundation, which makes contributions to local and National Not For Profit organizations that protect the rights of the individual in a free society!

Here are 3 of my favourite t-shirts from our current range of Playboy. Prices start at just £27.99!
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