Exclusive New Round The Twist Tees!

It was weird, it was retro and it was awesome! We’ve been such huge fans of the classic TV show Round the Twist since it first hit our small screens back in 1989, so much so that it inspired some of the very first exclusive TruffleShuffle T-Shirts!

With classic episodes like ‘Without My Pants’ and ‘Smelly Feet’, how could we not love this hilarious Aussie kids show?! Not only was it pretty random, it also had one of the best intros ever! Take a peep below…

Have you ever, ever… seen classic TV T-Shirts as cool as this? Who some love for this childhood classic with our fab new range of exclusive designs. Great finds for any fans…
So what are your favourite Round the Twist moments? Let us know by popping a comment below.

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Trek Out Our Cool New Star Trek T-Shirts!

Like many retro loving people in the land, we’re huge Star Trek fans! Since its launch back in 1966 this show has become one of the best-loved and has gain a strong cult following for a whole host of is many generations. Heck it even had its own full-fledged language (Klingon) to its name!

From its very origin, star Trek (original) saw Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise explore the Galaxy and help defend the United Federation of Planets, explore new worlds, seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

If you love nothing more than some classic Star Trek action, look no further than our latest addition to the ever-evolving range of TruffleShuffle T.Shirts!

Yep we’ve been busy getting our hands on some amazing new Star Trek Costume T-Shirts for all you eager fans to get your hands on. Take a peep below at some of our latest designs to hit the shelves from only £19.88!

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Smoke Me a Kipper! New Red Dwarf T-Shirts at TruffleShuffle!

It may have taken us the best part of ten years, but we’ve finally gone and done it! Yep we’ve just got our hands on an amazing range of Red Dwarf T-Shirts and we couldn’t love them more!
Red Dwarf if widely considered one of BBC2’s greatest hits and at its prime was one of the most watched TV shows on the box.
Spanning an amazing 10 years from 1988 to 1998 and with ten series to its name, it’s hard not to see just what a hit this show was. With an amazing mix of sci-fi and comedy, what’s not to love?!

Red Dwarf followed the story of Dave Lister, the last man on earth who is doomed to spend the rest of his days lost in space with his crew, Rimmer, Cat and Kryteb. For as long as we can remember, we’ve loved watching this unlikely team explore the depths of space. With their up and downs, love hate relationships, and constant power struggles it really is one of the great British comedies! TruffleShuffle salutes you!

If you love this hit show as much as we do, why not pay homage to the ultimate space spoof in style with one of our latest tees from only £14.99!

Na-Nu Na-New Mork And Mindy T-Shirts Now In!

We’re sooo excited to have our latest designs in! From such a classic show too!

Inspired by the huuuge hit, Mork and Mindy was an American sci-fi sitcom that was broadcast back in 1978, right up until 1982 on their popular channel ABC.

Now, we’re sure that this show could be a few years before your time. It certainly finished before many of us TruffleShuffler’s had landed on earth in our own little eggs! So here’s a little rundown…

The show tells the tale of the space alien from the planet Ork named Mork, played by screen legend Robin Williams, who (crash) lands his egg-shaped ship into planet earth after he is sent to study humans. He quickly meets Mindy, a sweet 21-year-old played by Pam Dawber who having just been abandoned by her boyfriend, needed to be chaperoned back to town. She decided to help Mork to adjust to life on Earth and they become great friends despite Mork usually frustrating her.

At the end of each episode, Mork reports back to Orson (his long-suffering superior) on what he has learned about Earth. These end-of-show summaries really are the peak of the shows humour and generally involve making fun of the things we all do.

As Robin Williams first major acting role and one that certainly launched him into the start of his fame and success, this retro icon gave us the chance to see the comedic and improvisational genius that he was which is why we just had to snap up some official Mork And Mindy T-Shirts so we can help spread the love for this great show and the legend behind it. Take a look….
Nanu Nanu Mork And Mindy T-Shirt
Show some love for this classic show and of course the sadly missed comedy legend Robin Williams with one of these designs in both ladies or men’s styles.

What are your memories of this hit show? Not seen it? Get hunting and give it a watch folks!


Top Things The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Taught Us….

Big news peeps! We’ve got word that one of the most iconic retro TV shows….well…EVER, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was first aired a whopping (Gulp!) 24 years ago today!

Yep the show that gave us the legend that is Will Smith, Uncle Phil, Carlton, Jazz, Geoffrey and of course Hilary hit the scene nearly two and a half decades ago and has been well and truly in our hearts ever since.

Now apart from now feeling far older than we thought we were, we decided to celebrate this momentous day by looking back and seeing just what this amazing show meant to us and how it helped make us who we are today. Take a peep at some of the top things Fresh PRince taught us and perhaps you too!
Sometimes if someone is rude, you can take the high ground….
A good handshake is always important amongst friends….
You should always try and eat healthy food….
Sometimes, just don’t get involved….
It’s good to have a signature dance move to bust out at just the right time….
Confidence is king….
The responsibilities of looking after pets….
Sometimes….it’s business time…
Sometimes you just need to make a quick exit….
It’s good to be passionate…..most of the time…
Sometimes you need to put your serious face on….
Well it might not be such a massive surprise to know that we’ve been spreading the Fresh Prince love for a very long time now and have also been working on collection some amazing Fresh Prince T-Shirts for you to get stuck into some action of your very own and keep the cheeky Will Smith spirit alive.

Take a peep at some of our favourite T-Shirts below…

So what did Fresh Prince teach you? Any top moments you’ll always remember? Let us know by leaving a comment below.