Unique Vintage X Jaws Now At TruffleShuffle!

You’re gonna need a bigger drawer!

Just launched onto TruffleShuffle, we’re super psyched for the arrival of Unique Vintage‘s fin-tastic new Jaws clothing collection!

Making a splash on the site, dive in and check out these stunning new designs!

Jaws Jayne Skirt

Featuring the hungry shark, Bruce, flashing his gnashers in the deep blue sea with his eyes on the prize, this retro-style Jaws Jayne Skirt from Unique Vintage features a printed scene design, inspired by the iconic movie poster artwork.

Women's Jaws Vintage Poster T-Shirt from Unique Vintage

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Unique Vintage x My Little Pony 🌈

Embrace the magical glory days of My Little Pony with this nostalgic collab from US brand Unique Vintage. The collection features frolicking retro ponies in delightful, dreamy prints on a swing skirt, t-shirt, dress and headscarves. You’ll find it hard to say neigh.

Women's Retro My Little Pony Rainbow T-Shirt from Unique Vintage

‘Blossom keeps busy digging in her beautiful garden – as well as chasing cotton candy out of it! The ponies say that all the colours of the rainbow are reflected in her lovely flowers.’

Awww, this Unique Vintage My Little Pony T-Shirt takes us back. Featuring a retro print of Blossom alongside a rainbow, it’s one of the prettiest things we’ve ever seen. It’s blooming marvellous!

My Little Pony Castle Scene Skirt from Unique Vintage

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Hold On To Your Butts… Unique Vintage X Jurassic Park Now In!

Worth a few million years wait, this brand new Unique Vintage collab with a retro-style dress, striking scene print skirt and hair scarf, is tres Jura-chic!

We’re so excited to launch the stunning Unique Vintage x Jurassic Park clothing collection onto TruffleShuffle.co.uk and we know you’ll be clawing to get yours.

Re-live the wild crazy ride of an adventure that was Jurassic Park with this super-fun Jurassic Park Skirt from Unique Vintage. Featuring a jaw-dropping snapshot from the movie where we see a T-Rex on the prowl, bursting through the ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth’ banner at the ill-fated amusement park, this unique skirt is a real scene-stealer.

This cute Jurassic Park Dino Print Margot Dress from Unique Vintage is pure dino-mite. Indulge in some 90s movie nostalgia with this stunning fit and flare dress celebrating the phenomenon that was Jurassic Park. Along with a dinosaur bones print, this retro-inspired, monochrome dress also comes with a cute peter pan collar detail that we absolutely adore!

We’ve got a feeling in our bones that this super-fun Jurassic Park Dino Print Hair Scarf from Unique Vintage is going to be a big hit! Adorned with dinosaur skeleton imagery, this monochrome beauty is tres Juras-chic!

For this roar-some new collection and our complete range of stunning Unique Vintage UK designs, head over to TruffleShuffle.com!

Wizard Of Oz x Unique Vintage Available At TruffleShuffle.com!

There’s no place like Oz… Talking scarecrows, tin men and lions, good witches, bad witches, munchkins, a glorious yellow brick road and a shiny Emerald city.

The magical Unique Vintage x The Wizard of Oz collection is all the pretty’s a fan could ever desire. A magnificent tribute to an absolute classic of a movie. With a vintage-inspired fully-swishable skirt, t-shirt and hair scarf, this highly covetable collab proves the dreams that you dream of really can come true!

Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Scene Gellar Swing Skirt from Unique Vintage

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high… there’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby…

Transport yourself to the magical land of Oz with this mesmerising Wizard Of Oz swing skirt from Unique Vintage. With a wonderful scene design, the skirt features the characters Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion trotting along the yellow brick road towards the Emerald City.
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🌈 Care Bears x Unique Vintage Now At TruffleShuffle.com! 🌈

Pay homage to the huggable, multicoloured bears from your childhood with this dreamy new Care Bears clothing collection from the US brand Unique Vintage.

Care Bears Cheer Bear Denim Dungaree Dress from Unique Vintage

Whether you fancy yourself more of a Funshine Bear, a Cheer Bear or a Grumpy Bear (or a bit of a mix of all of them), you will adore this rainbow-filled, nostalgic collection.

Care Bears In The Clouds Gellar Swing Skirt from Unique Vintage

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