Valentine’s Day Inspiration & Galentine’s Competition!

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s time to get super romantic and show the one you love…just how much you love them! Whether it be your spouse, your recent Tinder date, your best friend, or yourself (the best kind of romance, huh?) – then we have something to make the day extra special.

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Our Valentine’s Day gift guide is packed full of cool gifts…we promise you won’t be stuck for ideas!

Our Top Gifts They’ll Love This Valentines Day

Not long to go to find that PERFECT gift for your loved (or to be loved) companion!
Well fear not! Here is a handy run down of some selected top notch gifts for the super special him or her in your life. These are guaranteed winners we assure you.

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Valentine’s Gifts For Him

If your chap makes your heart go POW POW POW, why not super-ise him with this edgy Batman Graffiti Tee (Shhh it’s only £9.99 too – you can’t put a price on love, ahem…)

If your guy keeps his pecs in tip top condition and the gym is his go to hangout on a Friday night, our best-selling Mr Protein Shake Mug is THE gift we just know he’ll love!

Re-claim the power and appeal to the 80’s child with this magnificently nostalgic He-Man T-Shirt.

Valentine’s Gifts For Her
For all those pampered princesses or gals with attitude, this intense Harley Quinn Daddy’s Lil Monster Tee (Designed to look just like the one worn by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad Movie) is a natural winner!

Why not warm her heart with this Ello, Come Inside For A Cup Of Tea Mug exclusively available at yours truly –! A must have for any Labyrinth fan.

Give your perfect pal the gift of dreamy loveliness with this scrumptious Care Bears Vintage Tee and wait for the big snuggly bear hugs to follow.

Whatever your big day brings, we all hope you have a fantastic day with your special someone or besties!

Love is in the Air!

Hello love bugs,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Miranda, and I am a Manchester girl with a passion for music. I was very much a child of the 90’s – I grew up listening to influential musicians from my hometown such as Morrissey and Oasis and a love of music blossomed from there.

My amazing 6th Birthday cake!

My appreciation of all things retro started at the grand age of 6, when I got my first album. It was a Ramones album, a band that had formed 15 years before I was even born. I even insisted for a time that my family called me ‘Riff’ in honour of Riff Randall from the 1979 film ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll High School’ featuring the Ramones. I was a little quirky, perhaps.

I still regularly watch ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll High School’, and I’d consider myself a huge film fan, although my husband is constantly infuriated by my refusal to watch anything new.

“How about we watch a film? The King’s Speech maybe? It’s supposed to be brilliant.”
“Erm, how about we watch Wayne’s World again?”
“We watched it just last week. Can we watch something else?”
“Erm, ok. Clueless?”

This persistent loyalty to everything retro has led me to Truffle Shuffle numerous times, and as a writer I was delighted when I was asked to do a Valentine’s themed blog post. By definition, my name actually means ‘To be admired’ so it’s quite fitting that I am here to wave the pink, glittery flag for Valentine’s Day.

Now, despite what my name may imply, my admirers have not always flourished in the gift department. In fact, I do believe I was once subject to the world’s worst example of gifting – committed in the name of love.

Let me set the scene for you, it was Valentine’s Day 2006, I was a starry-eyed teen waiting for my date outside the local cinema and as it was our first date, my expectations were fairly high. He arrived, holding his hands behind his back with a coy smile. Oh what could my sweetheart possibly have for me?

It is at this point that I would like to state that my expectations were categorically not met!

My date presented me with what he called ‘personalised flowers’ – to me and you they are floral tributes. That’s right my friends, the flowers you find at funerals. He gave me a giant ‘M’ made from roses, the roses being the only vaguely romantic thing about the gift. He actually marvelled at what a clever idea these ‘personalised flowers’ were.
Well yeah, what a brilliant idea – what better way to romance a girl than to help her visualise her funeral? And what’s worse, is that I couldn’t even immediately run away screaming – I had to actually carry this giant ‘M’ into the cinema with me, with a fake smile on my face. I spent the entire film with it at my feet, picturing my untimely demise.
There was no second date.

So, drawing on that experience, I’d like to make a stand against bad gifts. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show some love to the special person in your life, and the guys at Truffle Shuffle have got us well and truly hooked up with some fabulous little gifts for lovers everywhere. Here are my favourites…

Set the mood for a romantic night in with this Love Heart Tea Lights Set.

Love Hearts Tea Lights Set £4.99

For the lady in your life, this Pink iPhone Case will make her smile whenever she reaches for her phone. You will be guaranteed to receive a lot of super –sweet texts!

Pink Love Hearts iPhone 4/4S Case £14.99

Treat her like royalty with this ‘Princess’ necklace from Disney Couture.

Sterling Silver Plate 'Princess' Necklace £24.99

Is there a special man who has managed to sweep you off your feet? Let him know with this cool Superman t- shirt, and matching socks!

Men's Classic Superman Logo T-Shirt £19.99

Men's Superman Figure 2pk Socks £7.99

This retro cassette iPhone case is a perfect gift for the man in your life. Celebrate the classic valentine’s gift – the mixtape.

Retro Cassette Case for iPhone 4 £12.99

And talking of mix tapes – why not make a romantic playlist for your man, and get him these cool Marvel headphones to listen with?

Marvel Logo Headphones £34.99

Still stuck for ideas? Check out these amazing collections and find the perfect gift…

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody, make it a good one!