V and A Museum announce a David Bowie Exhibition!

Up until recently – we thought ‘V and A’ stood for Victoria and Albert – however after their recent announcement regarding David Bowie, it clearly stands for ‘Very Awesome’!

The V and A Museum, known for it’s dedication to art and design are hosting a David Bowie exhibition featuring over 300 items from the David Bowie Archive, from costumes to handwritten lyrics – to create the first international retrospective of the musician’s incredible career.

The exhibition’s co-creator, Victoria Broackes recently told Vogue Magazine why she’s so excited about the event. “Bowie is a pioneer not just in music, but also of rock theatre, videos, internet and digital downloads. He’s always personally and actively involved in everything that he creates and he is continuously cited as an influence by artists, designers and performers. This influence on music, fashion, visual and virtual culture, which seems if anything to be growing, links him directly to almost every subject area the V&A covers.”

It’s only fair of us to put together a mini tribute – showcasing some of our own David Bowie clothing, who knows – they could become collectors items one day!

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The exhibition, sponsored by Gucci – runs from 28th of March until the 28th of July, 2013.

We hope you get a chance to check it out! Be sure to let us know what you think!