Mixing it up with our fresh new music tees!

We love a good mash-up at TruffleShuffle and these brand new funky T-shirts certainly fit the bill!  Quirky brand Cool Toons have added a humorous twist to some of our favourite hip-hop acts on an awesome line of music T-shirts that dares to be different.

Holy Moly! Inspired by one of the greatest hip hop acts ever, Run DMC, this Nun DMC offers a whole new take on the timeless rappers!

Snoop Dogg and the humble amphibian the frog come together on this funny Snoop Frogg design. Hip Hop to it, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this cool tshirt!

This Beastie Soys tee just made us chuckle so much when we first saw it! Quite an unusual combo to say the least. So fight for your right, to be different!

Stand out from the crowd by picking something from this great collection today!