Addicted to Marvel? You will be….

Addict Clothing and Marvel have partnered together to create these amazing comic t-shirts with designs from three awesome UK illustrators. Mitch, Shogun and Alex ‘Odisy’ Young bring their own unique interpretations to some of Marvel’s most iconic characters; Hulk, Wolverine, The Thing, Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Each artist has been inspired by Marvel comics since childhood, resulting in a set of tee graphics designed from the heart. Individual styles and techniques combine to showcase a diverse range of skills, forming a cohesive and complimentary collection which embodies the true spirit of Marvel…

In this interview Marvel speak with one of those artists, Alex ‘Odisy’ Young. Alex produces detailed illustrations, pointillist canvases and huge murals all influenced by his background in comics, skateboarding, graffiti and tattoo culture about his Iron Man design which you can see below.

If you love your superhero t-shirts, look no further Addict and Marvel have got it covered.

Addict x Marvel - Artist Series