Back To The Footwear….. Great Scott, They’re Coming!!!!

As a massive Back to the Future fan sometimes owning all the Back to the Future T-Shirts you can get your hands on isn’t enough. Only one thing would satistfy this apparel-fuelled craving…. Marty’s Nike Air Mags from Back to the Future II!

Now, you may know that in 2011 Nike did actually release Nike Air Mag replicas, but were only a limited run of 1500 and didn’t feature the infamous power laces. In the Doc Brown featured TV advert [below] Nike hinted at the power laces making an appearance in 2015….

We all know that Back to the Future II was full of the coolest tech including instant Pizza Hut, flying cars & of course the Hoverboard, but these are all still way off. But Marty McFly’s Nike shoes with power laces are going to become a reality!

When Marty & Doc set a course for 2015, (do you feel old knowing that was the year they went to in the movie? Wasn’t that so far in the future!) to blend in they needed to dress accordingly. Marty slipped on a self-adjusting jacket and put on a pair of awesome high-top trainers that automatically laced themselves up. Before our very eyes they fastened to his feet. “Power laces!” Marty cried.

Next year you can do the same after Nike designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed at a recent event that power laces were coming for 2015. “Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!” Hatfield said.

We cannot wait for the power lacing futureness to arrive at our feet and in case you forgot, here are the sneakers of your dreams in action: