TruffleShuffle’s Top Types of People at Gigs….

Calling all you gig-goers! Those of you out there who are brave enough to take on the crowds, long waits, cold queues, hot venues and rising prices for some amazing memories, exclusive merchandise and that high that only your favourite songs played full whack can achieve, listen up!

We love getting the chance to see some of our top bands do their thing, and hell getting to rock our classic band tshirts at the same time is just a match made in heaven! There are however a few funny things, qwerks and ….ermm niggles that have been bounced around the office here at TruffleTowers so we decided to jot them down and share them with you guys.

Yep, presenting out ‘Top Types of People at Gigs‘ list! Sit back and let us guide your music filled minds through some of our recent thoughts and memories from our latest gigs and the people who we met along the way. Enjoy!

The Serial-merch Collector
Hmm maybe we might fall into this category a bit huh! There always seems to be the person who just can’t help themselves but show off just how much they love the band more than you by showing up in every single item of clothing and accessory the band has ever made. Good effort but perhaps a bit much for our taste.
The Second Front-man
This one might be one of the biggest hates we came across in the office. Okay okay we understand that people just love to share the experience and go all out to some of their favourite songs, but shouting every word into the ears of the people around you so they can’t hear the lead singer themselves might not be the best way to go about it. We’re not saying people shouldn’t participate, we couldn’t stick to that rule, maybe alternate songs to give you and other a break 🙂
The Tall/Big Hair Guy
Every gig has them and no one likes to be that guy. Yep it always seems to be the case in our experience that the tallest guy in the whole country decides right in front of you is the perfect place to push in about 30 seconds before the band starts. Great! No ones fault, some of us TruffleShuffers are over 6ft, just luck of the draw.
The Shape Thrower
Haha! Everyone can spot the dancers who just don’t give a damn and will get the most out of their night at all costs. Picking up some wild moves through the years, these guys just love throw some beer spilling shapes and possibly act out each sentence with more feeling than Freddie Mercury at Wembley. Perhaps this one is a little more tactful than we thought as they’re bound to be given them the most amount of space than anyone. Hmmmm.
The Cellmatographer
Maybe this time has passed a little bit, BUT their are certainly a great number of gig-go-ers out there who have decided their aim for the night is to watch the show like a really bad YouTube video, only to then get home and realise that all the videos they took are too loud to hear, to shaky to see what’s going on and also mostly of the back of the head of the person in front.
The ‘head-down-and-barge-to-the-front-with-two-pints-in-your-hand’ gig goer.
This one speaks for itself really. Every so often you will get a nudge in the back and be forced to take a wide birth around the sever drinks in the persons hand who had decided to get past you. It’s either that or it’s a beer shower for you and your friends.
The Parent
Easy to spot these ones, usually they’re trying to stand well away from any action and just watch the clock, but to be fair to them this is a step up from being in the car waiting outside. Usually with no idea about the band and it’s not really their thing, we salute these brave folk to take on the gigs to support their loved ones (who will probably try and ignore them with their friends). Gig on parent warriors!
The Creepers
“People who continually creep towards the front throughout the gig.” This has become and art form in itself, often people pretending to be passing through or to reach a friend will simply use your good nature to then stand in front of you, or exploit any gaps in the crowd to edge their way forward as soon as they think the main act is about to start. Annoying but determined.
People who have been to every gig/festival ever
We’re pretty sure everyone knows someone who has made it their aim to beat all previous festival wrist band records, be it amount and length of time on. Damn good effort to these guys, keep those memories close to hand and wear them with pride!
The Drunk People at the Bar
For some, the pull of the bar is just too strong. This one makes some sense to us though. More space and always at arms reach to the bar and another drink, however you will sacrifice some amazing crowd moments and some connection with the band….and possibly some memories the next day.
The Requester
There are people out there who have decided that whatever song they like the most, is the one that MUST be played at all costs. Typically this mean shouting it our at every given moment between songs, encores or even quieter intros. Non believers of set lists, these folk are out for one thing, their say even after dodgy looks from the band.
So there they are folks! We’re sure there are plenty more gig goings on that we can mention but we thought we would end our ranty ways while we’re still slightly sane. Hopefully you can relate to a few of our concert woes but whatever you take away from this, just remember to go out there and have fun seeing a much live music as you can, it really can be heaven on earth…even with a few bugbears.