10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About…The Movie ‘Elf’!

Ever since its release back in 2003, Elf has been a part of every Christmas for us. Bringing Buddy back into our lives once again filling us with Christmas joy, we simply can’t imagine a Christmas film list that doesn’t include this Will Ferrel classic!

His unstoppable charm and spirit have come to be a staple in many homes over the festive season reminding us of that little kid inside all of us who just loves decorations, Christmas trees, gifts and of course SUGAR!

Just before we all settle town to tuck into this modern classic (if you haven’t already!), why not take a peep at our 10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About The Movie Elf so you can annoy wow all your fellow viewers. Enjoy!
1 – The script for Elf was originally written way back in the ’90s, and Jim Carrey (off of The Grinch fame) was originally tied to the role before Will Ferrell was cast.
2 – Will Ferrell’s reaction to the jack-in-the-boxes are all real, they were controlled remotely out of shot so he never knew exactly when they would jump out each time.
3 – Buddy’s famous 12-second burp was not done by Will Ferrell but it was real! It’s was actually done by the same voice actor who played Brain from Pinky and the Brain.
4 – In the first draft of the script, Buddy was bullied by his fellow elves, which is why he left to look for his dad. But the director pushed to change this because he wanted to keep the North Pole characters warm and sweet and not bullying meanies!
5 – Buddy or Will Ferrell actually suffered from headaches and a lack of sleep from all the sugar he had to eat during filming. Looks fun though.
6 – Peter Billingsley who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story makes a cameo as an elf in the film. Have you spotted him?
7 – To play the bubbly baby version of the titular elf, Favreau had initially cast twin boys whose blonde curly hair made them great little doubles for the mop-topped Will Ferrell. However, the production ran into a problem when instead of smiling and crawling as needed, they cried relentlessly. To replace them, brunette triplet girls were brought in, who were far perkier and more playful, and thereby ready for their close-ups.
8 – The movies director Jon Favreau (who also direct the Iron Man films) makes an appearance in the movie as the doctor who runs the DNA test on Buddy and also the voice of Mr. Narwhal.
9 – The costume Buddy wears is almost identical to the outfits worn by the elves in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Only green.
10 – Just like in Lord of the Rings with Gandalf, to make Buddy look so much bigger than the other elves they used forced perspective techniques rather than CGI. Having him sit closer to the camera than the others for example.
So there you have them folks!

Did we miss any? Is there something else you’d like to know? Give us a shout using the comments box below.

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