Great Scott! The Iconic DeLorean Is Back!

Stop the press! We’ve just had some amazing news come though TruffleTowers which we are crying to share!
The super iconic car which was of course made famous in 80s cult classic Back To The Future will be getting a new lease of life as they are set to go into production once again for the first time in around a whopping 33 years. – feeling old now.

Following some recent changes to US law surrounding small scale car production, DeLorean Motor Company which now operates in Texas can now successfully switch from previously just restoring old models, to building this retro classic from new once again!

From our sources we can reveal that there are as of yet no plans to change the overall appearance which is SUUUUCH great news. Hopefully though their will perhaps fit it with some extra mod cons like air con and a flux capacitor or two. Is that really too much to ask now?

So all you Back To The Future fans! If you see one of these beauties parked up on your street sometime in 2017, either Marty is off on another adventure, or you have one of the coolest neighbours ever.

If, like us, the estimated $100,000 price tag is a little more than your pocket money can stretch to, why not pick up one of our super realistic Back To The Future Delorean models from only a fraction of the price at only £19.99….

So what do you think of this latest news? Would you love to own your very own? Let us know below.