Exclusive New Polly Pocket Clothing Has Landed!

We’re always hearing that good things come in small packages, well this has never been truer in the case of one of our all-time top retro passions….Polly Pocket!

Getting the latest set, collection or accessory was just about as exciting as things could get growing up…for us at least! Polly Pocket was a small perfect world you could take anywhere with you, whether it’s a car trip (boooooriiiiinnng), to a friends or even your grandparents which would give you the chance to at any point dive into Polly’s world and create an unlimited amount of weird and wonderful scenarios. A small taste of heaven!

Well! Part of our job responsibility here at Truffle Towers is bring these much loved classics back into your lives all these years later through the medium of awesome and 100% official vintage clothing and gifts which is juuuuust what we’ve gone and done!

Reminisce about this childhood favourite in true TruffleShuffle style with this super cute exclusive Polly Pocket TShirt!

Not only that! Snuggle up on those chilly days in this fab sweater too! Perfect for all you Polly fans out there.

So which sets did you have growing up (or still have!)? Shout them out below.