Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! Mary Poppins At TruffleShuffle…

It’s here! the long-awaited Disney follow-up Mary Poppins Returns has now hit the big screens here in the UK and it’s safe to say… well… we’re pretty darn excited!
With some fantastic reviews already washing over the internet already, it seems Disney has really managed to capture the magic of the classic and bring it into the new era of cinema and hopefully a whole new audience.



So what’s it all about?

Decades on from her original visit to the Banks home, Mary arrives to find that Michael Banks, now with three children of his own has just 5 days to secure his house from the bank. With his only hope being to prove the ownership of his very valuable shares his father left him, Mary Poppins arrives just in time to help save the day and keen a roof above their heads, with plenty of magical adventures along the way of course!

Getting totally into the spirit of things, we’ve been working hard to bring you some Mary Poppins magic of our own with our Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious collection of Mary Poppins merchandise!

Take a peep at some of our top picks to really have you looking and feeling the part…

Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella Trinket Dish

Shaped like her iconic parrot umbrella, we’re totally in love with this Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella Trinket Dish. Sure to keep your precious pieces protected and right where you left them as if by magic!

Disney Mary Poppins Practically Perfect In Every Way Cosmetic Bag from Mad Beauty

It’s time to take home some of the magic of Disney with a little help from our Disney Mary Poppins Practically Perfect In Every Way Cosmetic Bag from Mad Beauty! Ideal for storing and travelling with your cosmetic essentials.

Disney Mary Poppins Practically Perfect T-Shirt

When a t-shirt is practically perfect in every way… get your peepers over our ace Mary Poppins Practically Perfect T-Shirt. One of the latest designs to hit the site and taking it by storm!

Mary Poppins Stud Earrings from Disney by Couture Kingdom

Super subtle and suuuper stunning, show your love for Mary Poppins with our stunning new Mary Poppins Stud Earrings. Finished in classic white gold and shaped like Mary Poppins’ iconic silhouette, they’re a pair to treasure forever.

Mary Poppins Silhouette Oversized T-Shirt

Hmmm, what to wear to your next Mary Poppins screening… hmmm… fret no more with our awesome Mary Poppins Silhouette Oversized T-Shirt! Love the iconic design on this and the super soft feel.

Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Cup & Saucer Set

Practically the perfect way to start the day! Enjoy your morning cuppa in total style with this ace Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Cup & Saucer Set! For when you could really do with some Disney magic to see your through the day ahead.

Mary Poppins Spoonful Of Sugar Bath Salts from Mad Beauty

When you’re looking to wind down the day with a hot bath, our Mary Poppins Spoonful Of Sugar Bath Salts from Mad Beauty will see you right! Great gift idea for the Disney fan in your life.

For all these and sooo much more, check out our complete collection of Mary Poppins clothing and accessories to find the perfect things for you or the Poppins fan in your life. See you there!