TruffleShuffle X Japan: Our Top Kawaii Clothing and Accessories!

If there’s one thing we can say with certainty here at Truffle Towers, it’s that Kawaii clothing and accessories have totally taken the site by storm and is shaping up to become a bigger deal than ever!

Over the last year, maybe even more, we’ve been slowly adding to our collection of Japanese Kawaii inspired designs including some exclusive Studio Ghibli clothing and super popular Polly Pocket bags and accessories. These have all quickly become some of our most-loved items and we’re sure they will be around for a long while yet!

Not in the loop? Originating from Japan, Kawaii (translated as ‘cute’ in Japanese) is a style that follows strong themes from anime and manga and is typically styled as bright, pastel colours promoting innocence and being totally loveable. What’s not to love about that?

Getting ourselves totally stuck into this cult sensation, we’ve created and collected some totally stunning Kawaii merchandise including some of our top picks below. Take a peep!

Purple Polly Pocket Heart and Bow Cross Body Bag

Ticking all kinds of kawaii boxes is our stunning Purple Polly Pocket Heart and Bow Cross Body Bag. Packed with details and nostalgia, it’s sure to become a real fave of any 90s lover.

Anime All Stars Black Sweater

One for the anime fans for sure! Show your love for some of the most iconic characters in one mean sweep with our exclusive Anime All Stars Black Sweater!

Women's Care Bears Hooded Robe

Care Bear stare the ready peeps! Keeping nice and warm has never looked so good thanks to our Care Bears Hooded Robe. Sure to be a hit in the cooler months.

Pusheen Hi Door Mat

Bringing a whole new meaning to a-door-able, our Pusheen Hi Door Mat is the perfect way to make an entrance… if you see what we mean.

Gudetama Just Chillin' Enamel Pin from Punky Pins

Probably the coolest egg we know (and maybe the only egg we know?), show your love for Gudetama with our cute little Just Chillin’ Enamel Pin from Punky Pins.

Nintendo Game Boy Digital Alarm Clock

Does it get any cooler than this!? We don’t think so! A replica of the famous console will wake you up every day with actual Super Mario Lands sounds and a ton of Nintendo appreciation! Rise and shine in style with our Game Boy Digital Alarm Clock!

Pokemon Pikachu Backpack

If you’ve ever been addicted the Pokémon (pretty sure that’s everyone, right?), you surely know the awesomeness of the mighty Pikachu. Take your sidekick with you wherever you go with our colourful Pikachu Backpack!

Ghibli Gang Hoodie

If you’re a Ghibli fan looking for your next fix, you’ve come to the right place thanks to our super snuggly Ghibli Gang Hoodie!

Polly Pocket Set of 3 Pairs of Socks in Gift Box

you know the saying ‘put your best foot forward?’, well, now you REALLY can with a little help from our stunning Polly Pocket Set of 3 Pairs of Socks. Suited to be as subtle or as eye-catching as you desire, these are a perfect nod to the 90s and come with a whole heap of nostalgia.

There you have them peeps! What are you favourite kawaii inspired goodies? Is there something we’ve missed that you would totally love? Let us know in the comments below!