The One With Our Top 10 Friends Gifts!

Despite never really going anywhere, (well, not to us at least!), Friends is well and truly back and boy is it bigger than ever!

With so many more people being introduced to this total classic since it’s reemergence on Netflix (and us oldies getting to binge again!), there has been such a buzz around this hit show and we are SO excited to see it back.

Friends Intro

If you’re looking to really spoil the Friends fan in your life, you’ve really struck gold here as we have the best collection of Friends Gifts around. Not that we’re biased of course.
To help you guys and gals pick out the best of the best, we’ve handpicked some of our very fave and most popular Friends merchandise. Take a look!

Friends Bamboo Joey Doesn't Share Food Lunch Box

We hear you, Joey! Not one for letting your food go easily? Make sure you’re lunch is well and truly protected in style with our stunning and eco-conscious Friends Bamboo Joey Doesn’t Share Food Lunch Box.

Friends Peephole Photo Frame

We all know who the real star of the show is, right? The classic peephole frame of course! This classic was originally meant to have a picture inside, however after the glass was broken by accident, the frame was simply put on the door instead. Grab your very own Friends Peephole Photo Frame and recreate this iconic image.

Friends Ceramic Central Perk Coffee Cup

If you gave us three wishes, we would 100% use one of them to wish our way to Central Perk for a cuppa with the gang back in the day! Until that day, we’ll have to imagine our way there with a lot of help from this ace Friends Ceramic Central Perk Coffee Cup. Perfect gift idea!

Friends Socks

We’ve never understood the whole socks for Christmas cliche, we would LOVE some of these Friends Socks for Crimbo! Wouldn’t you?

Friends Characters Boyfriend T-Shirt

A picture really does mean 1000 words, especially when we see the whole gang on this stunning Friends Characters Boyfriend T-Shirt. Takes us right back!

Friends Central Perk Neon Light

We tried to think of cooler ways to show your love from Friends than this a-maz-ing Friends Central Perk Neon Light… but we couldn’t so we gave up. Just look at it!

Friends Trivial Pursuit Bitesize Card Edition

Think you know Friends? Wanna put yourself to the test? Take on your friends and family in a battle of the telly nerds with this nifty Friends Trivial Pursuit cards! Put all that ‘revision’ to good use huh!

Friends Fridge Magnets

It’s time to spice up your fridge with sprinkles of 90s magic with our collection of Friends Fridge Magnets. Who would have thought just getting the milk from the fridge would be so fun?

Friends Central Perk T-Shirt

Been there, got the T-Shirt! Well…. we wish! While one half is a pipe dream, the other is a total dream come true thanks to our Friends Central Perk T-Shirt!

Friends Icons Printed Travel Mug

Just like Joey’s trip to Vegas, it’s time to travel in style with added cool points from our Friends Icons Printed Travel Mug which features all kinds of fan faves from the show. One for true fans.

There you have them folks! Trust us when we say, there are HEAPS more Friends presents over on our site to pick from to really treat the Friends fan in your life.

Happy gift hunting everyone!