Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Actually Get Excited About!

Who’s the daddy?! Well if you’re talking about a one-stop-shop for everything your pops could ever want, then it’s definitely TruffleShuffle!

Fathers Day Gifts

Whatever his personality, hobby or obsession, our awesome Father’s Day gift ideas showcase the most iconic brands, bands, films and much more! Legendary gifts for legendary Dads is what we believe in.

To help you pick out the perfect treat for your old man this year, check out some of our top Father’s Day Gifts that he’ll actually enjoy!

Popmaster Quiz Game

Think of themselves as a bit of a quiz master? Inspired by Ken Bruce’s long-standing daily Radio 2 pop quiz, PopMaster, put your pops to the ultimate test with their very own Popmaster Quiz Game!

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Pizza Cutter With Sounds

Pizza night will never be the same again! Yes, they will probably bust this out each time and zoom it around like Luke himself. Yes, they will totally do Yoda impressions at the same time. Really then, this Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Pizza Cutter With Sounds if the gift that just keeps giving!

Peaky Blinders Set Of Two Whiskey Glasses

Cheers to the Peaky Blinders! Let them enjoy their favourite tipple with their favourite show in these stunning Peaky Blinders Set Of Two Whiskey Glasses.

Wallace And Gromit Wallace Costume Apron

Whether they’re inventing something in the shed or in the kitchen, keep them looking the part in this totally cracking Wallace And Gromit Wallace Costume Apron.

Star Wars I Am Your Father Mug

Always sure to raise a smile while enjoying a cuppa, watch them sip from this Star Wars I Am Your Father Mug as they roam the house telling you to turn the lights off and pick up your towel off the floor. You love them for it really.

Black and Beige Queen Crest Socks

Socks they’ll actually love! Rock their socks off (in exchange for these ones) with these Queen Crest Socks.

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Puzzle

Can you old man see a car accident at 50 paces and be totally convinced they know exactly what happened like Sherlock Holmes himself? Maybe but their skills of deduction to the ultimate test with our Sherlock Holmes Mystery Puzzle.

Ladybird Books For Grown Ups The Dad Bad Dad Jokes Card Collection

He will LOVE these! No doubt. Let him continue to be THE master of banter with this Ladybird Bad Dad Jokes Card Collection.

Four out complete collection of gifts for him including Father’s Day gifts and Birthday Gifts, head over to our site and find the ideal treat for your old man.