Bill & Ted Face the Music OUT NOW! Look EXCELLENT In Our TShirts…

It’s finally here folks! The next instalment or threequel we’ve waited an entire 29 years for… (woah!) has finally hit cinemas today and we totally didn’t forget to wind our watches so we don’t miss it!

Hitting the UK big screen today, Bill & Ted Face the Music, these total dudes are back to their time-travelling, guitar playing adventures once again!

Nearly 30 years on from creating a utopia with their music, the guys, distracted by life responsibilities and family have still yet to create the greatest song ever that will align the planets and bring universal harmony.
With the very fabric of time and space tearing apart, they receive a message from the future warning that only their music can save the world and it’s time they face their destiny and create the song they are always meant to create to protect all our fates… with a little help from their younger selves of course.

Bill and Ted TShirts

Since this new release was first teased, we’ve been totally worked up to finally get to see the boys back in action and air-guitaring their way through time once more.
Not only do we get to see the guys back in action and the amazing world their music created, but we also get to do it in our very own Bill and Ted TShirts! Check them out dudes!

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Also available for the male dude… dudes, this exclusive Bill And Ted Wyld Stallyns T-Shirt also come complete with a backprint to remind your fellow dude to be most excellent to each other.

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