Sweet, Sweet Little Treat… Exclusive New Fraggle Rock Clothing Is Here!

If there’s ever been something that totally makes us want to dance our cares away and just run wild, it’s getting our hands on our totally exclusive official new Fraggle Rock clothing including TShirts, Hoodies and Sweaters! Oooooh yes!

Featuring all your faves from this retro Jim Henson classic, we’re so excited to finally reveal these bright, bold, and completely nostalgic new T-shirts that are fresh off the press and ready to add a whole heap of colour and fun to your day. Let’s see what we have!

Fraggle Rock Worry's For Another Day Blue T-Shirt

We’re often told our t-shirts spread smiles and this one is the perfect example! Featuring a distressed print of Gobo pushing Red and Wembley on a swing with the caption ‘Worry’s For Another Day,’ our Fraggle Rock Worry’s For Another Day Blue T-Shirt is packed with all the retro charm of the amazing Fraggle Rock.

Fraggle Rock Rainbow Ecru T-Shirt

Dance your cares away in this absolutely awesome throwback Fraggle Rock Rainbow Ecru T-Shirt. The amazing colours of Henson’s magical characters look so great against our off white tee. A definite TruffleShuffle favourite.

Women's Fraggle Rock Purple Marl Fitted T-Shirt

Any Fraggle fan is sure to sing ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ when they see their childhood favourite in T-Shirt form. Red, Gobo, Wembley, Boober and even Mokey with a Doozer all appear on this Fraggle Rock Purple Marl Fitted T-Shirt modelled on the iconic show logo. The perfect tribute to Jim Henson’s fantastical, musical world, don’t you think?

Men's Fraggle Rock Indigo Blue T-Shirt

If you were of a certain age in the early ’80s, there’s no denying the feeling brought on by the words ‘Dance your cares away.’ Show everyone that you’re a fan of Fraggle Rock with this brilliant tribute Fraggle Rock Indigo Blue T-Shirt with Red, Gobo, Wembley, Boober and even Mokey with a Doozer all starring on this logo style design.

Fraggle Rock Party Shirt Grey Marl T-Shirt

Channel your inner Red and prepare to party like a Fraggle with our exclusive Fraggle Rock Party Shirt Grey Marl T-Shirt. Essential attire for Dancing Your Care’s Away…..

Fraggle Rock Stars Navy Hoodie

Jim Henson’s classic characters are back with a bang on this fun Fraggle Rock Stars Navy Hoodie. Packed with more childhood nostalgia than your old school yearbook, our exclusive hoodie is the perfect tribute to the cave-dwelling critters who brightened up many an 80s childhood!

Fraggle Rock Sleeve Print Black Sweater

Cosy up with Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red with our charming Fraggle Rock throwback Fraggle Rock Sleeve Print Black Sweater. With the iconic theme tune lyrics printed up each arm, if just hearing ‘Dance your cares away. Worry’s for another day’ would always cheer you up back in the day, this is an absolute must-have.

What do you think folks? We hope you love them as much as we do and can get stuck into a whole heal of childhood nostalgic wearing them.

Check out our complete collection of Fraggle Rock TShirts and more over on the site and pick out your faves to enjoy. See you there!