The Mandalorian Season 2 Is Here!

Calling all you Star Wars fans! The next instalment of the amazing Disney+ series is finally back with its first episode airing today! Since it’s launch back in November 2019, us and Star Wars lovers everywhere have been hooked on the amazing new story that follows lone bounty hunter known as Mando.

After finding himself drawn to protect the mysterious infant referred to as The Child (but to us it’s Baby Yoda!), he slowly discovers just how important they are when what feels like the entire galaxy come in search for him to claim the reward.

With season 2 looking to be every bit of action, adventure, impressive scenery and bringing more characters from the depths of space, we’re so excited we get to jump back in where we left off and see what the New Republic have in store for The Mandalorian.

With new episodes being released each week at 8pm on Fridays, what more reason could you need to jump into the amazing line up available on Disney+?

Totally inspired by our love for this new hit show and of course the cuteness of Baby Yoda, we’ve been working away on our very own collection of The Mandalorian merchandise including bags, TShirts, mugs, socks, pins and so much more! Check out some of our real faves that are guaranteed to have you saying “the kid’s coming with me”.

oungefly Baby Yoda Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Cradle Mini Backpack

Bring the Child with you wherever you go with this genius Loungefly Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Mini Backpack! Just when we thought Baby Yoda couldn’t get cuter…..

The Child Baby Yoda Socks

Looking for the cutest socks in the galaxy? You found them! These The Child Baby Yoda Socks are sure to be the perfect companion while you catch up on the latest episode.

The Mandalorian Knitted Christmas Jumper

When outside is as cold as the frozen wastelands of Hoth, be sure to layer up in style with our knitted Mandalorian Christmas jumper. It’s Christmas meets sci-fi, what’s not to love about that?

Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Set of Three Snack Boxes from Funko

While escargot may not be on the menu du jour for you, this set of awesome Mandalorian The Child ‘Snack, Attack, Protect’ snack boxes should assist your munching needs.

Women's Grey Marl Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda Starry Child T-Shirt

He’s sure in high demand just like our super cute Mandalorian Baby Yoda Starry Child T-Shirt!

Baby Yoda Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Figural Backpack from Danielle Nicole

Such a wonderful creation from our friends as Danielle Nicole! We’re obsessed with the details and total cuteness of this stunning The Mandalorian The Child Figural Backpack. You’ll never want him to leave your side.

The Child Mandalorian Knitted Jumper from Difuzed

Santa baby, one little thing I really need…
We know what we want to be wearing this Christmas. This sweet Star Wars Mandalorian Christmas Jumper features The Child in all his glory.

Black Star Wars Mandalorian Mug

Perfect for settling down with a nice cuppa and watching a few episodes of the Mandalorian, this awesome Star Wars Mandalorian Mug features the iconic Mandalorian helmets. If you’re after an epic cuppa, this is the way.

Does lighting get any more precious?
Give your home a warm Baby Yoda glow with this Baby Yoda The Child Lamp. Can we have one… in every room?

Trust us when we say, this is just a tiny peek of what under our Mandalorian mask with so much more available on the site to get you really into the action.

Check out our full range of Mandalorian gifts, clothing and more on the site and grab yourself a real bounty!