Top Friends Quotes To Help You Take On 2021!

With one of the more eventful (eventful or uneventful? Maybe both!) years behind us, we’re sure searching for a little extra oomph to kick-start our 2021 with a fresh outlook and a whole heap of positivity.

Kicking back over the festive break and rewatching TV classic Friends for a zillionth time, we picked out some of our favourite quotes that struck a chord or got us thinking for the year ahead.
Check out some of our top Friends quotes that might just help you take on 2021 in style!

“Unagi is a state of total awareness. Only by achieving true Unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you.”

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s to be prepared for anything! Even the best-made plans can quickly take a tumble and it’s easier to deal with challenges if you’re prepared.

“Why don’t you stop worrying about sounding smart and just be yourself?”

I mean, not that we’ve ever tried to sound smart but boy can we get behind just being yourself! Go be you…

“You can’t just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?”

Amen Joey! Got a target or goal for this year? Go for it! All the best achievements are those most-hard earned and even the most successful people out there have had their share of setbacks.

“Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.”

Hmm okay, maybe not the most motivational, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded that life can be hard, but it’s the good moments between the bad you need to make the most of and hold onto.

“You’re Not Alone. We Don’t Know Where We’re Going! You Just Gotta Figure At Some Point It’s All Gonna Come Together.”

After a year of isolation for a lot of us and plans with friends and loved ones put on hold, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. It’s been a weird time for everyone and it’s never been more important to reach out to people and be there for people to reach out to. We will see it through together.

“Oh I wish I could, but I don’t want to.”

Amen Phoebe! Make this year your year. Spare time is precious so make it count and don’t be afraid to just say no sometimes.

“It’s okay. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you thought they would”

If one quote could sum up life lately, it’s this. Sometimes things won’t work out, that’s okay too. How you handle this is the real test. We try to remember also, expectation can be the thief of joy. It’s best to look at what you DO have and what DID happen than what you don’t and what could have been.

There you are, folks! Just some of our top Friends quotes to see you through the year in style. Got a better quote we missed? Let us know!
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