T-Rexcellent New Jurassic Park Goodies Breaking Out At TruffleShuffle!

Thank goodness! Life has found a way to bring us this awesome new Jurassic Park homewares collection. Perfect for any budding dino rangers!

Featuring some totally claw-some new goodies that will be just perfect for your next adventure including backpacks, lunch bags, travel mugs and more.

Ideal gifts for the dino wild fan in your life or for someone with just THE best taste in movies, check out our latest Jurassic Park merchandise that’s just burst onto the site!

Jurassic Park Ranger Lunch Bag

Despite all signs at the park saying ‘Do Not Feed The Animals’, you should be okay to feed your hungry beast within using this awesome Jurassic Park Ranger Lunch Bag. Ideal for some tasty treat on an epic adventure of your own.

Ceramic Jurassic Park Travel Mug

Touring the infamous Isla Nublar? Get all the thrills (but none of the spills!) when you keep your brew in this wicked bamboo Jurassic Park travel mug!

Jurassic Park Ranger Backpack

Become an official member of Jurassic Park staff with this very official Jurassic Park backpack that perfectly showcases your Park Ranger status.

Jurassic Park Life Finds A Way Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Because you never know what might happen… and we’ve seen the movie to prove just this… always be prepared in style with this stunning Jurassic Park Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

Get yourself fully geared up and ready for an adventure with our complete collection of Jurassic Park gifts and of course… exclusive Jurassic Park T-Shirts!