Our Latest Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles Making A Splash!

Imagine a world where you could not only quench your thirst, but also your love for some of your all-time favourite characters, movies, cartoons and TV shows!
Well… imagine no more as we’re done just that with our latest collection of reusable stainless steel water bottles featuring some total fan-faves!

Ideal for any adventures away, festivals or even heading to work where it totally pays off to be prepared and fully hydrated, our latest collection of water bottles are not only reusable which will cut down your use of plastic, but they are a neat way to add a whole lot of fandom to your day with their amazing designs!

Show some love for your favourite shows, superheroes and more whether you’re keeping things cool or enjoying a hot cuppa on the go with these latest styles. Check them out!

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Water Bottle

Are you itching to be part of the club? Sure about that? I mean… they do seem to get themselves into a lot of trouble huh! Whether you’re on an adventure of a lifetime or getting fully prepared for your next games night in, keep yourself topped up and ready for anything with this official Stranger Things Hellfire Club water bottle. An ideal Stranger Things gift too!

DC Comics Batman Gotham City Metal Water Bottle

Do you think the Batmobile has cupholders so Batman can keep himself hydrated? You know it does! Don’t just save Gotham, save yourself from an almighty thirst with this handy Batman water bottle.

DC Comics Batman Gotham City Metal Water Bottle

Always ready for action and with every gadget he might need, make sure you’re just like the man himself with this trusty Batman water bottle complete with 3D figure lid.

Harry Potter Hedwig Water Bottle with 3D Lid

Cast your very own Aguamenti charm wherever you are when you reach for your Harry Potter water bottle featuring trusty companion Hedwig. Ideal for making sure you have just what you need when you need it.

Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers Wallace Water Bottle

Before you step out that door (in hijacked robot trousers or not!), make sure you’re bringing this genius Wallace and Gromit water bottle with you… just in case.

Wallace and Gromit Oh Eck Gromit Water Bottle

Talk about the paw-fect companion! Pick up this adorable Gromit water bottle and make sure you’ve got back up wherever you go so you never have to battle thirst again!

DC Comics Job For Superman Metal Water Bottle

We’re sure even Superman works up a super thirst. Don’t you think? Make always being totally hydrated your superpower (okay, maybe not the coolest one to have but still) with this classic Superman water bottle!

Care Bears Cloud Scene Water Bottle

Take a trip to Care-a-lot with each sip from this magical Care Bears water bottle! A fun way to add a whole lot of retro charm to your day, whatever it may bring. A TruffleShuffle exclusive!

Back To The Future Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Woah Doc! Add 1.21 gigawatts of retro 80s cool to your day with this totally rad Back to the Future water bottle featuring the iconic DeLorean and its flaming trail!

All topped up or are you thirsty for more? Shop all these designs and our complete collection of bottles, travel mugs, and flasks over on TruffleShuffle.co.uk and find your perfect design!