Stranger Things Season 3 Is HERE… And So Are More Designs!

It’s finally here peeps and we’re about as excited as a kid at Christmas who has just seen the one big present under the tree with their name on! If you see what we mean.

Launching on Netflix just this week, all our telly streaming prayers have been answered as we can launch ourselves straight back into the action in Hawkins, Indiana.

As you can imagine, while we’ve been waiting to get stuck into this, we’ve been busy creating some of our very own exclusive Stranger Things TShirts and mugs…. and here they are!

Let’s take a look at our latest arrivals…

Scoops Ahoy!

Referencing the Ice Cream parlour where Steve Harrington and Robin work, these ace Scoops Ahoy TShirtsare made with a stunning embroidered logo design to really set this apart and give it all kinds of cool flavours.

Stranger Things Inspired Scoops Ahoy Ringer T-Shirt

Also available for the guys with the same embroidery treatment, we’re sure fellow fans will totally get this subtle nod to the show too.
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Jan-Michael Your Vincent With Our Rick and Morty Goodies!

If the TV shows Last Will and Testimeow, Eyeholes and The Personal Space Show mean something to you, chances are you’ve been sucked into the weird and wonderful world of Rick and Morty!

As huuuuge fans ourselves, we’ve been working hard to get ourselves an awesome collection of official Rick and Morty merchandise!
While we’re waiting for season 4 to hit our screens, we thought we would take some time to pick out some of our favourite Rick and Morty goodies for you guys.

Take a peep!

Rick And Morty T-Shirt from Difuzed

Have your eyes been opened to the total awesomeness of Rick and Morty? show your love for all to see with a little help from this ace Rick And Morty T-Shirt from Difuzed featuring the duo themselves. Super soft tee and epic vintage style screen print. LOVE!

Rick and Morty Portals Heat Change Mug

After all your adventures, you’re 100% going to need a strong cuppa! Your brew game will be stronger than ever with one of these uber-cool Rick and Morty Portals Heat Change Mugs! Fill it up and watch it come to life!

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick T-Shirt

Pickle RIIIIIIICK! Anyone else still got this stuck in their head whenever they see Rick Sanchez? We sure do! Show your love for one of the best episodes to date with our mighty Rick and Morty Pickle Rick T-Shirt.

Rick and Morty Rick's Hip Flask

One to actually take with you on your next adventure! Keep the party alive wherever you go with our nifty Rick and Morty Rick’s Hip Flask. Great gift inspo for the Adult Swim fan in your life.

Coming soon!

Keep your peepers peeping guys and gals for even more ace Rick and Morty accessories hitting the site soon! Let’s take a sneak peek…

Rick and Morty Portal Gun Keyring Light

Sometimes wish you had your very own Portal Gun? We do… SO MUCH! Now you really can (kinda) with our Rick and Morty Portal Gun Keyring Light. Can’t wait for this!

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Stein

If like us, you’ve always wanted to have a drink with Rick Sanchez himself, you’ll actually be able to thanks to our Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Stein!

There you have them, peeps! For all these and more, check out our complete collection of Rick and Morty gifts and clothing and snap up the perfect treat for you or someone special. See you there!

Exclusive New Parks and Rec & Happy Accidents TShirts Are Here! Meet The Designer Ron…

You know those days where it feels like all your Christmases have come at once? Well… THIS is one of those days!

We’re super excited to reveal some totally amazing and completely exclusive new designs to our site that were created by none other than our warehouse superhero Captain Ron!

Ron Swanson TShirt

Inspired by some of our favourite characters and personalities, Ron has created us this awesome Ron Swanson inspired TShirt

Happy Accidents T-Shirt

As well as this totally creative Happy Accidents TShirt and both are now yours to buy in both men’s and women’s styles!

To dive a little deeper into the world of Ron and why he has created these, we caught up with him between packing your orders to ask some questions. Let’s go!

So Ron, what the heck do you do at Truffle Towers and how long have you been here?

I’ve been Captain of the TruffleShuffle warehouse for many a year. From its schooner days to the Brigantine it is now. I make sure the crew are ship shape and prepared for whatever the seas throw at us.

Clearly, you love to draw, but how long have you been into creating your own artwork?

Ever since I’ve had the ability of cognitive thought. My first memories are of drawing things or chewing on crayons. Red is still my favourite flavour.

Who are some of your favourite artists, anyone particularly inspires you?

I find all artists inspiring in some way from my 6-year-old niece to the surrealists like Joan Miro.

As a fellow artist, has the work of the legendary Bob ever inspired you or offered any advice through the years?

How could you not be inspired by somebody with a philosophy like Bob’s? “We have no limits to our world. We’re only limited by our imagination.”.

How about Ron, do you identify with Ron Swanson at all? What could we all learn from him?

Sure from the name and the love of meat foods and whisky he’s another man with a great philosophy on life. “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”.

If you could create your DREAM TShirt, what would you put on it? (Perhaps something to look out for!)

Picture an army of Vikings riding a pack of wolves into battle and you’re nearly there.

As you can imagine, we’re huuuugely proud of our Captain Ron and these fantastic designs and are so happy to have them on the site at last. Head over and take a look to see them in their full glory.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think too! Should we ask Ron to do more? Which other designs would you most like to see?

Yaaas! Exclusive New RuPaul’s Drag Race Inspired Goodies Are In The Building!

Bursting in and hitting the scene with more action and sass than Bianca Del Rio, our exclusive new RuPaul’s Drag Race inspired merchandise is here!

As you’ve come to expect from us, we’ve been busy bees, working away on creating this totally fabulous new collection of Drag Race Clothing, Mugs and Tote Bags and… well… here they are!  Let’s spill the tea…

Drag Race Inspired You Betta Werk Black Handle Mug

As any RuPaul fan knows, if you want to get on, got better WERK! Treat yourself to a full cup of motivation with our exclusive new You Betta Werk Black Handle Mug.

Drag Race Inspired Shady Bitch Embroidered White And Red Ringer T-Shirt

We’re serving up some serious sass with our new range of Shady Bitch TShirts, mugs and hoodies! Lovingly embroidered to give a total quality feel and finish, we also love the ringer detail that also adds a splash of colour. Ooooh gurl!

Drag Race Inspired Shady Bitch Red Handle Mug

Sometimes. you’ve just got to let you mug do the talking, right?  Our Shady Bitch Red Handle Mug is the perfect partner in crime for your next viewing or catching up on the latest episode with friends.

Drag Race Inspired Shady Bitch Embroidered Dusty Pink Hoodie

Well, it IS still officially hoodie weather! Tell it like it is with our exclusive new Shady Bitch Embroidered Dusty Pink Hoodie. Loving the dusty pink colour of this. So nice and warm too!

Drag Race Inspired Linda Evangelista Tote Bag

Inspired by the infamous shade-throwing Valentina incident in Series 9, this suuuuper fun new Drag Race Inspired Linda Evangelista Tote Bag is the perfect accomplice for your next shopping trip. Sure to raise plenty of smiles with fellow fans.

Drag Race Inspired Not Today Satan Tote Bag

Fierce! Add a whole helping of Bianca Del Rio style and attitude to your day with a whole lot of help from our Not Today Satan Tote Bag!

For all these stunning Drag Race inspired goodies and so much more, head over to our site and pick up the perfect gems just for you!

Our Top Shows They Totally NEED To Put On Netflix!

Remember the days of having to tune in each week at the exact moment on the right channel to catch the next instalment of your favourite shows? Oh, and then the fear of missing it and then having to wait for the repeat? Forget that!

With soooo much awesome TV and Movie content avilable now right at your fingertips through Netflix, this got us thinking…. what’s missing? Which shows should they seriosuly be bringing back to life and letting us dive back into once more?


Not just because we love nothing more than a good old reminisce…. okay maybe partly that, we decided to put together our top list of classic shows they simply HAVE to put onto Netflix. Take a look…

Knight Rider

The man, the myth, the legend – Michael Knight and KITT were all you needed back in the 80s. Right trousers that you could hardly believe he could walk in, a car that makes even super smart cars now seem pretty useless and with some awesome plots that had more twists and turns than a racetrack, it was bliss!

– There’s more! Check out our collection of Knight Rider TShirts!

The Golden Girls

Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose AKA the ‘dream team’! Sharing the weird and wonderful lives together through seven glorious seasons, The Golden Girls will always remain one of the best comedy shows ever and we should all still be enjoying their.. ermm… wisdom still!

– But wait! Take a peep at our range of official Golden Girls TShirts

Dawson’s Creek

If you were a teenager in the late 90s (which can only be around ten years ago or so, right?), chances are you were glued to Dawson’s Creek! Life, love and everything in-between, this total telly classic was packed with drama that had us hooked from the get-go. Come back into our lives Dawson!

Birds of a Feather

Another totally classic packed with strong female characters we just couldn’t get enough of.  A real dive into British comedy and fun, we loved the highs and lows of Tracey, Sharon and of course Dorien. A total 90s throwback that will have you shouting ‘people liked wallpaper like this’ at the screen. Turns out, yes, yes we did.

Blind Date

Looooong before online dating and dating on an island somewhere because… well because we had Blind Date. Presented by the legendary Cilla Black, we were treated to all new levels of cheesy chat-up lines, dodgy clothing and some of the best TV you could hope for. Bringing a sense of game show to the dating scene, we just really want to be screaming NUMBER 2! PICK NUMBER 2! at the TV again.

Twin Peaks

With sooo many amazing shows now being created and launched onto Netflix, we figured we should be giving a strong mention to bring back the mighty Twin Peaks into peoples lives and treat an all-new audience to its magic. Packed with great acting and even greater writing and storylines, for its time this TV great was a real treat that should be seeing the light of day once more.

Men Behaving Badly

There are few shows that would have had us staying up late to watch back in the day, but it’s safe to say that Men Behaving Badly was one of them! Some of the BBC’s finest comedy work, this show had us in stitches as we followed Tony and Gary through their messy, dysfunctional and seriously funny lives. Bring back the fun factor!

The OC

In a world where all the people, their homes and the locations are all way too beautiful, their lives certainly are not! What maybe would start out as a guilty pleasure quickly turns into straight up fully immersive and fun! A real binge show with people smashing their way through the DVD box sets, if you’re into drama, fun and having a crush on a TV star this is the one for you.

You’ve heard our faves due a comeback, but what are yours? LEt us know below or over on Twitter.