The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Movie Buff Dads Guaranteed To Get Top Reviews 🎥

Does anyone else feel like picking up the perfect Father’s Day gift just never get’s easier?! Each year it’s like we have to start thinking this up all over again while we search high and low for the most ideal gifts to totally spoil the dads in your life.

Really though, thanks to our collection of amazing gifts for him, it’s never been simpler! If you’re looking for the most perfect gifts for a movie-loving dad, the kind of guy who can quote his favourite scenes word for word, our collection of gifts for movie lovers is the perfect place to start looking!

From sci-fi to horror and beyond, check out some of our top movie gifts picks for him, including official movie t-shirts and grab the ideal gift for the film-loving fathers!

Star Wars Original Stormtrooper Glass Tumbler

Raise a glass to the ones we all love to hate (and who make Star Wars what it really is!) with this genius Star Wars Stormtrooper Glass Tumbler. Have them celebrating this iconic piece of design with every pour!
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10 Totally Epic Father’s Day Gifts For £10 Or Less!

We totally get it… finding the perfect ‘will be talked about for the next few months’ Father’s Day gift can be pretty tricky at the best of times. And especially on a budget!

Fear not though, finding the ideal gifts for him is just a matter of tapping into things they love and enjoy, it’s not about breaking the bank either which is where our collection of Father’s day gift ideas for under £10 comes in handy!

Get them something they will truly enjoy and says… ‘I get you’… for a total steal.

Peaky Blinders Garrison Tavern Glass Stein

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Unearthing Our Latest Jurassic Park Backpacks & Bags From Loungefly! 🦴

Can you hear the persistent thud of something huge heading your way? Something that will raise your heartbeat with every moment, each snap of the branch as it grows nearer until you can almost reach out and touch it…

Well… ROAR… it’s here! Our totally awesome new Jurassic Park backpacks from Loungefly have officially landed onto TruffleShuffle with a swish of their tail and a snap of their jaws.

With three new breath-taking new designs for you to get your claws into, we’re so excited to bring these stunning new Loungefly bags to our ever-growing collection of official Jurassic Park merchandise… and in time for Jurassic World Dominion too! Let’s dive in.
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The Most Roar-Some Jurassic Park Gifts For Movie Fans!

On the hunt for come cracking Jurassic Park gifts for the total 90s nostalgia fan in your life? We’ll… with our ever-growing collection of claw-some Jurassic Park merchandise, we know you’ll ‘find a way’ to get them something they will be roaring with glee over!

The ultimate sci-fi adventure with a whole heap of dino-mite action throughout, we were first welcomed into the world of Jurassic Park way back in 1993 and we’ve been hooked ever since.
A cool 29 years later (scary to think!) the now-iconic Jurassic Park franchise boasts 6 truly epic movies with Jurassic World Dominion joining the action in 2022, giving us even more reasons to show our love for these absolute greats.

We know finding the ideal gifts for someone can be harder than hacking Dennis Nedry’s security system, (Grrrrr!) but fear not as our collection of amazing Jurassic Park T-Shirts, mugs, Loungefly bags and so much more will be all you need to really treat the dino-fanatic in your world.

To help you on your adventure, we’ve hand-picked some of our favourite and best selling gifts from these classic movies. Hold onto your butts!

Jurassic Park Socks

Socks? As a gift? Ermmm heck yes! With these toe-tally awesome Jurassic Packs socks in their collection, they’ll feel like they picked these just from the gift shop right there on Isla Nublar. Great way to add some subtle love for this movie classic.
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The Best Cool Gifts For Geeky Dads This Father’s Day 🤓

Growing up in the era of some of the biggest pop-cult sensations including iconic movies, classic video games and even cartoons you just couldn’t help but be glued to, we’re living in a world of geeky dads and we’re SO here for it!

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gifts for the geeky dad in your life, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite and best selling gifts for geeks that we know will have them sharing the love for their cult faves in total style. Let’s take a look!

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

Looking for the collect Ghostbuster merchandise? Who you gonna call? TruffleShuffle of course! Let them jump right back into the action with Egon, Venkman and the team with this fun replica mini Ghostbusters Ghost Trap.
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