Anyone For Cake?

And not just any old cake – oh no! Prepare for an INVASION of your taste buds thanks to this incredible Retro Invader Cake Mould

Retro Invader Cake Mould £9.99
Retro Invader Cake Mould £9.99
Retro baking is all the rage! Cupcakes are cool, muffins are of the moment but this awesome retro arcade cake mould really takes the biscuit!
This silicon baking dish comes in retro green and comes in the shape of a Space Invader. It measures 6.5" x 6.5"

Now landing in a kitchen near you these microwave-safe cake moulds are a real blast from the past, inspired by the original arcade games that we all grew up playing.  (Okay, anyone who grew up playing Guitar Hero or Medal of Honour, you’re going to have to wait another 10 years until something from your childhood era becomes anywhere near “retro”.)

Now back to the rest of us who shamelessly find pleasure in seeing iconic retro objects from our past brought back to life in various different guises!  Our microwave-safe, Retro Arcade Cake Moulds are designed to hit the sweet tooth of all die-hard gamers of old, those of us who spent all our pocket money on Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pac Man.  So put down your muffin trays and get down to making some cosmic carrot cake, space age sponge cake, or whatever other arcade related cake puns you can think of (hmm… the list is almost endless; bake invaders, space cakes…yum).

Even the box is cool!

Why not attempt to create an entire level’s worth of space monsters, and boldly bake where no baker has gone before?  Your friends and family are sure to give you a top score when you serve up these cheeky space goodies.  Now just get ready to prepare for battle as your friends invade the kitchen to get a bite of your alien fleet of cream-filled goodness!

Tempted? Get yours here….

PS Cake not included!


Bag it up!

Just as we were beginning to enjoy the sun, in true British weather fashion it’s been nothing but rain and wind since. No wonder The Beatles once sang about getting their “tan from standing in the English rain!”

So it’s back to layering up and bringing out the warm jackets- sad times. One thing I love about Truffle Shuffle is that not only does it sell awesome t-shirts but they’ve got a great collection of retro accessories and gifts which they keep adding to it.

Jeez, is there anything on this site I don’t want? *rhetorical question alert*

Last month Truffle Shuffle introduced the totally retro label Casio to the site and this time they now bring another retro brand back to our attention: Gola.

Growing up everyone knew of the brand Gola. It was as well-known as other sporting brands such as Adidas. I don’t think you can get more retro than Gola! In fact I’m sure I had some Gola trainers when I was a wee child….

Well you too can now fondly remember your childhood Gola days thanks to Truffle Shuffle. The site now features a range of Gola bags in a variety of sizes and colours.

Sunny styles our retro Gola bag
Sunny styles our retro Gola bag

As you can see from the photo of me (looking very tired and about to venture into the rain eek) I went for the dark taupe and black waxy shoulder bag. I have to say this bag would have been perfect if I was still a student. It’s big enough to handle all your books and papers but cool enough to take to the SU bar later, bonus!

For us non students though it is still a great bag to get: I was bored of my boring plain laptop bag so used my Gola bag as a makeshift yet more fashionable way of taking my laptop about. When I wasn’t lugging technology about I used my bag to go shopping with. Great for ‘hiding’ some of my new but untold buys…(ssh!)

Men and women can easily add these Gola bags into their daily wardrobe just like I did. For those who like a good work out in the gym, then check out the holdalls to replace your old gym bag. If working up a sweat makes you break out in a sweat then they also make perfect and funky overnight bags. You’d certainly spot your luggage on the train!

About the author…

Sunny Gill - Wardrobe Mag
Sunny Gill - Wardrobe Mag

My name is Sunny Gill and I am a 23-year old Journalism graduate. As Dizzee Rascal once boasted “I’m old school, like Happy Shopper” which is why I absolutely love shopping on Truffle Shuffle! I love many things in life including writing, music, TV, films, football and fashion. I write a cool little fashion blog called ‘Wardrobe Mag’  with three of my closest friends mainly focussing on affordable, fun and bang on trend fashion. My favourite motto in life is of course “Never Say Die!”

Minnie Mawi! The latest Disney Couture Collaboration!

There were squeals of excitement and delight in the office this week when it was announced that Disney Couture has partnered up with London-based costume jewellery company, Mawi, to create a limited-time collection celebrating Minnie Mouse, affectionately called “Minnie Mawi” The collection will fuse Mawi’s recognizable aesthetic of contemporary style paired with traditional influences, with Disney Couture’s signature whimsical touches for uniquely special, collectible pieces.

Jewellery designer Mawi Keivom’s signature pieces hold a niche in the contemporary costume jewellery market, appealing to shoppers of all ages. Marrying together her love for trinkets of yesteryear and a bold contemporary vision, Mawi’s collections provide an ornamental meeting place for the past, present and the future. The partnership between Disney Couture and Mawi is quite natural given the many generations that Disney has endeared itself to. The collection pays homage to Minnie Mouse, much-loved since her 1928 debut.

Although we are not able to give you a preview of the collection just yet we have had a sneaky peak and trust us when we say you are going to love it – think glitz and glamour, pearls and ribbons! We especially love the Chanel-esque style range so it is with great anticipation we await our first delivery which is due in September and with prices starting from just £30 for a stunning piece of nostalgia we know these are sure to be snapped up quick!

If however you can’t wait for the new sparkly stuff to arrive don’t forget you can always check out our huge collection of equally pretty Disney Couture jewellery and clothing on the site right now. We have something for everyone with the likes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, some beautiful pirate jewels from Pirates Of The Caribbean, Snow White, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland and of course no Disney treat would be complete without a touch of Tinkerbell!


Check out our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack in the LMFAO Party Rock Video!

TMNT Truffleshuffle
Gotta love the heroes in a half shell.....

We’ve been singing along to LMFAO’s killer tune Party Rock Anthem a fair old bit since it hit the number one spot in the charts a few weeks back but somehow, we’ve only just caught the video and it’s gone up even further up in our estimations.

One of the dancers is only wearing our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack in the opening scene! Cowabunga!

Check it out below and see for yourself…. it’s about 40 seconds in!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack

Back in stock very soon, click the pic above to be added to the waiting list and we’ll drop you an email as soon as more stock arrives. It gets the party started all right!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of our awesome Turtles merch while you’re here….

We’re especially loving our new range of men’s turtles loungewear including these beauties…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Lounge Pants

The perfect way of expressing your appreciation for the talented pizza loving green ninjas! Turtle power!!

All The Best Gifts For Fathers Day

With Father’s Day on Sunday 19th June fast approaching, the team have been thinking about our favourite gifts to help you avoid the last minute panic-buy of a few beers and some gardening tools for your Daddy-cool!

Your Dad may not know his Green Day from his Bullet For My Valentine, or think that Chipmunk is a long lost cousin of Alvin, Simon & Theodore, but as much as you may hate to admit it, he knew about some of rock ‘n’ roll’s most iconic stars long before you! Help him re-live his youth and feel like a rock star with some of these memorabilia pieces.

SUPERMANDAD?! If your Dad is your hero show him just how ‘super’ you think he is with these ‘Marvel-ous’ gifts…! Your Mum may think your Dad is ‘Mr Lazy’, and he may think he is ‘Mr Strong’ but let your Dad know how what you think of him with a gift from our Mr. Men collection.

And if none of those tickle your fancy, there’s a whole other host of classic Dad-style gifts to choose from, including goodies from Monty Python, Viz, Top Gear and Rocky.

We have gifts galore for every dad out there, just visit to see what we have and get your Fathers Day pressie all wrapped up!