My Top 5 Movie Tees

As you may imagine, when people find out I work at T-Shirt emporium, the first question I’m asked are which are my favourite designs.

Being a self confessed 80’s movie buff, I have a particular soft spot for our 80’s Movie T-Shirts so I couldn’t resist running down my top 5 for you.


1. Dark Crystal Movie T-Shirts

Men's Black The Dark Crystal Skeksis T-Shirt £25.99
Men's Black The Dark Crystal Skeksis T-Shirt £25.99

Inspired of course by one of the best Jim Henson films of my childhood, this awesome The Dark Crystal design is a great way to remember the legendary 80’s fantasy flick that terrified and amazed in equal measures. One minute I’d be wide eyed in a world of beautiful fantasy and adventure and the next it would have me hiding behind my pillow from the Evil Skeksis, the bad guys of the film who looked like giant, skeletal crows who’d been dressed in rotting flesh. Imported especially from the US of A, not only do I love this because it pays homage to one of my childhood classics but also because it’s one of our rarer designs, only available in limited numbers so you’re unlikely to see anyone else walking down the street in the same tee as you.  Always a bonus.

2. Ghostbusters Movie T-Shirts

This Ghostbusters design is just so, so cool. You’ve got the ghost trap on the front and the Ecto-pack on the back so you’ll be ready to split just like a real ghostbuster.

Men's Don't Cross The Streams Ghostbusters T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle
Inspired by a Ghostbusting essential, The Proton Pack, the front of this tee features a technical drawing of Dr. Egon Spengler's now legendary invention and the back, one of the traps which they used to snare the little buggers. Topped off with two very important messages for any wannabe Ghostbuster, 'Don't cross the streams. (It would be bad.) and 'When the light is green, the trap is clean.'

The perfect tribute to the 1984 film and it’s eccentric New York City ghost-capturing heroes, I also love the fact that this tee was actually created by our in house design team so it’s exclusively available at Who Ya Gonna Call?

3. Labyrinth Movie T-Shirts

Men's Ludo Friend Labyrinth T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £20.00

In a nutshell, Labyrinth is my favourite film in the world. I must watch it at least once a month. Not only that but Ludo was always my favourite character, the big friendly beast who could call upon his friends “the rocks” to help him out in times of need and fight the Goblin kings Goblin army. An easy choice and a brilliant design which sums up the loveable Ludo perfectly – this is one of those tees which people always stop me in the street to appreciate too, always a good sign.

4. Gremlins Movie T-Shirts

Because who can argue?

Gizzy Is The Shizzy Gremlins T-Shirt from Sticks and Stones £18.99

Personally Gremlins 2 was always my favourite of the classic movie franchise. It was bigger, badder and funnier and kind of evolved The Gremlins to the next level. From spider and bat Gremlins to the reincarnation of Frank Sinatra as a Gremlin singing New York New York. JUST AWESOME.

You don’t tend to see too many Gremlins T-Shirts around either so I was dead chuffed when I spotted these on the shelves of Truffle Towers and purchased mine instantly – it’s a bargain too at just £18.99. Fits and feels great too (as do all our tees TBH)

5. Batman Movie T-Shirts

Ladies Batman Caped Costume T-Shirt £26.99

This cool tee is a great take on the batman costume design. Thanks to the nifty detachable cape, you can rock this top as a normal tee and when the bat signal is lit, simply reattach the cape and head out to fight crime (or use it as a subtle fancy dress costume if you prefer.)

Na na na na na na na na Batman!

Well that’s all for now folks, hope you enjoyed my very own movie T-Shirt hot picks!

Don’t forget though that this is just the teeniest taster of the huge range of amazing movie merch we now have available on the site (over 350 products and counting!)

As well as my top 5 movies, we’ve got T-Shirts, clothing, Accessories and Gifts inspired by tonnes of other classic cult movies from the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s as well as a few current favourites (Harry Potter T-Shirts anyone!)

From Back To The Future to Batman, The Goonies to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Star Wars to Top Gun, we’ve got all the classics covered making us the perfect place to indulge your inner movie buff.

Plump up those Cushions and get the popcorn popping fellow movie fans!

My favourite film in the world. I must watch this at least once a month. Ludo was always my favourite character. The big friendly beast who could call upon his friends “the rocks” to help him out in times of need and fight the Goblin kings Goblin army.

Need Inspiration? The TruffleShufflers Have Created Some Retro 80′s Pumpkins To Die For!!!

This week, the TruffleShufflers have been racking their brains and seeking inspiration for that well-known Halloween dilemma, what the hell do I carve into my pumpkin???

Yes, for this week’s Friday Facebook competition, everyone at Truffle Towers was given their very own pumpkin with the brief that we had 2 days to design and create a character carving with a retro, 80’s spin.

Well, I must say the end results were very impressive! After a week of highly competitive talk and secretive Internet researching, the portly pumpkins have now been papped and released on our Facebook page!

The name of the game is to LIKE or comment on your favourite to help us decide which TruffleShuffler deserves the title of Pumpkin carving chief! The one with the most votes wins the TruffleShuffler a prize and whoever likes or comments on any pumpkin gets popped into a hat and we’ll randomly select one of you to win a special Halloween treat! You can enter here until 2pm today so please do get invovled!

So, here are the entries..

Superman Logo
Mario (Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo)
Gene Simmons (KISS)
Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Space Invaders
Elmo (Sesame Street)
The Count (Sesame street)
Chunk (The Goonies)
The Cheshire Cat
Batman Logo
Transformers Autobot

From Pac-Man to Mario, Transformers to Sesame St, a whole host of our favourite characters have been represented in pumpkin form!

Which is your favourite? xoxo

Holy nine months of trouble, Batman!

Batman: Arkham Asylum was universally praised for revitalising the superhero genre when it was released in 2009, and follow-up Batman: Arkham City is already being spoken of as being the best release of 2011, even before its official launch according to Gigwise!

One of the most anticipated games of the year, we can’t wait to start gliding around the city on October 21st when it’s officially released to Bat-fans in the UK!

Get an exclusive look at the game and the Dark Knight in action with this brand new gameplay trailer….

Looking good right!

According to recent reports, the game builds on what we already know and comes complete with a larger area to play, more Bat-skills to test out and gadgets to master. Not forgetting the ability to glide around the city!

‘When we finished Arkham Asylum, we knew we wanted to take Batman into his spiritual home – Gotham City,’ says game director Sefton Hill to The Metro. ‘But we know that if we were to deliver the true Batman experience the player would need to have complete freedom to go anywhere and everywhere and that every square inch of the city would need to be realised with the same care and attention to detail as the asylum.’

This time, you also get the option of trying out other characters including the likes of Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing.  According to the makers of the game, Rocksteady, 10% of the missions are Catwoman based where she has to climb buildings and crawl along rooftops and Robin and Nightwing will be available in the downloadable content to use on the challenges.

There’s also a soundtrack being released on October 17th which features 12 original tracks including Coheed and Cambria, Panic! At The Disco, The Duke Spirit and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Batman Arkham City will be released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 21and you can pre-order your copy here.

If like us, you did that weeks ago and are waiting for Friday with baited breath, make sure you check back in and let us know what you think when you’ve had a chance to play! Can’t wait!

I’m Batman….

I have come to the conclusion that I was born with a genetic obsession for everything Batman. If I thought I could get away with living in a cave and running round dressed as a giant bat I think I would.

The obsession all started with me running around as a little lad with a coat hanging off the back of my head, singing nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Batman which back then, was enough to convince me that I too could be a superhero. I blame it on Adam West’s 60’s Batman spoof T.V series which first introduced me to the adventures of the caped crusader! For those of you who don’t remember or need a reminder, check out this hilarious vid I found!

I don’t remember Batman having such sweet dance moves…… Hypnotic and equally creepy at the same time – he shakes a pretty mean cape I think you’ll agree!

I have to say though that back then, little old me thought Mr West was quite the bada$$ and I was well jealous of all the gadgets and anti- bat this, bat-that even bat thermal underwear and the most awesome Bat-Mobile that ever was, even by today’s standards.

My love for Batman continued throughout my childhood – through all his various incarnations. There have been several Batman’s….um Batmen since Micheael Keaton who stared in Tim Burton’s gothic vision of the Batman! Val Kilmer and even George Cooney also got involved which I actually forgot about (not that I could ever forget Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl – insert pervy groan noise here.) In my humble opinion though, there’s no truer representative to Bob Kane’s original vision of the Dark Knight than Christian Bale who comes the closest to portraying what Batman should be – dark, moody, a loner and a little bit mental. Having seen his parents murdered in front of him and living a life a seclusion, dedicating every waking hour to mastering martial arts and all the while planning vengeance would leave any man a little twisted, even if he is a billionaire. Part justice seeking detective and part nightmare of the underworld – if anything Batman is as screwed up as any of the villains he fights against.

I was also a big fan of the comic series and in my early teens I tried to read every Batman comic I could get my grubby nerdy little mitts on. At the time, a story called Knight fall was the big thing, starring  a super villain called Bane who hatched a plan to break out every insane villain of Arkham Asylum, home of the criminally insane leaving our hero Batman to round up these nut jobs including the Joker and many others until he reached near exhaustion. Anyone else remember it?

Stretched to his mortal limits and being awake nearly 24/7 – Batman finally came face to face with the steroid (well “venom”) induced criminal mastermind Bane and in one epic battle, Bane gained the upper hand and delivered a devastating backbreaker, crippling Batman and leaving him paralyzed. Needless to say it was sad day and the first time ever Batman had actually been beaten – I liked it because  it forced you to stop thinking of Batman as a super hero and realize that at the end of the day, he’s just a man.

So what next for the insanely popular Batman franchise? Well – it’s a fair old while away but The Dark Knight Rises is coming to the big screen and is due for release on July 20th next year. Fair to say – I’m pretty excited! Christian Bale  will reprise his dual role as Batman/Bruce Wayne and he will be re-joined by Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. Personally, I can’t wait to see how Christopher Nolan will portray Bane – played by Tom Hardy. Hopefully he’ll do the bad ass super megalomaniac justice! Plus there’s the added bonus of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman – played by Anne Hathaway. Looking forward to seeing how she’ll compare to Batman Returns Michelle Pfeiffer and the completely forgettable Halle Berry.

If all that take has wet your appetite as much as it has mine, check out the trailer below….

So what do we think? To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect and I don’t want to hype it up too much in my head being that it’s a while off yet. So in the meantime, I’m going home to my Bat cave to read knight fall whilst  wearing my Batman t-shirts and drinking from my Batman mugs. I’m even going to put on my Bat Underpants and Bat socks and talk in a husky voice like Batman! I’m going to hide behind people in the shadows and when they turn around I would have already gone. I might even wear a cape! See – told you I was Batman!

Tune in next time folks – same bat time same bat channel.


Can’t get enough of Junk Foods amazing tees

TruffleShuffle Health Warning…..Junk Food will seriously affect your health…..y addiction to cool retro t-shirts!

Having seen many t-shirts grace the shelves of TruffleShuffle over the years, Junk Food definitely has to be my favourite brand. I originally fell in love with the soft figure hugging t-shirts, however – this romance has been kept alive due to Junk Foods ability to develop as a brand – offer more styles, more awesome designs – on different fabrics.

Recently moving house and downsizing gave me the opportunity to examine my wardrobe – asking my t-shirts random questions like; Have I worn you in the last year? Do you go with everything? Were you an impulse buy? I realised I couldn’t part with any of my Junk Food t-shirts as they all add something unique and quirky to my collection.

Starting with the Ladies Junk Food t-shirts, I thought I would have a closer look at the brand and choose my top 5 designs.

Junk Food are famous for their Super Hero collection and with designs like this – it’s clear why. I love this tee because it’s really fitted, such a nice colour for my summer wardrobe and features a quirky picture of my favourite super hero!

Ladies All American Wonder Woman T-Shirt £24.99
Ladies All American Wonder Woman T-Shirt £24.99

We have recently added some exciting new shapes – including this amazing design from Junk Food. I love this shape as it’s really feminine whilst showing my appreciation for Star Wars!

Ladies Yellow Star Wars Oversized Crop T-Shirt £24.99
Ladies Yellow Star Wars Oversized Crop T-Shirt £24.99

Another great style is this cute little Batman Vest which can be worn with pretty much anything 🙂

Ladies Classic Batgirl Racer Back Vest £24.99
Ladies Classic Batgirl Racer Back Vest £24.99

Introducing Junk Food Originals to my top 5 – I thought I would bring in the help of Minnie Mouse on this worn in slouchy V-neck. I love the authentic feel of these t-shirts and it makes me reminisce about my favourite childhood tees.

Ladies Minnie Mouse Vintage Low V-Neck T-Shirt £27.99
Ladies Minnie Mouse Vintage Low V-Neck T-Shirt £27.99

It seems I’m not alone in liking this lightweight pullover from Junk Food as celebrities such as Mollie King have been spotted wearing this cute little top. This is a must have for summer evenings, and goes with just about any look!

Ladies Mickey Mouse Pulloverfrom Junk Food £35.00
Ladies Mickey Mouse Pulloverfrom Junk Food £35.00

Moving on to the Men’s Junk Food t-shirts……I don’t quite know where to begin as there are so many cool designs!

One of my favourite styles would be the Tri-blend range from Junk Food. This extremely cool design of Snoopy on a super soft t-shirt had to be included in my top 5.

Men's Snoopy Chicks Ride Free Triblend T-Shirt £29.99
Men's Snoopy Chicks Ride Free Triblend T-Shirt £29.99

Recently we have added some modern vamped up versions of Darth Vader and Star Wars, however this definitely has to be my favourite on the site at the moment. With a distressed print of Darth Vader showing some bling……I just had to buy this and do some customising!

Men's Darth Vader Dark Side Triblend T-Shirt £29.99
Men's Darth Vader Dark Side Triblend T-Shirt £29.99

Calling all Ford fans! If, like me – you like your t-shirts to look as retro as your car – definitely check out the Junk Food Original t-shirts. These t-shirts have a real thrift shop, lost and found again feel about them – a ‘must have’, if you like all things retro.

Men’s Ford Cobra Vintage Crew Neck T-Shirt £27.99
Men’s Ford Cobra Vintage Crew Neck T-Shirt £27.99

POW! Another favourite would definitely be this bright Batman t-shirt – moving away from the Traditional black and yellow design – this t-shirt is awesome for Summer days!

Men's Batman Crackle Logo T-Shirt £28.99
Men's Batman Crackle Logo T-Shirt £28.99

The last t-shirt to feature in my top 5 selection, would have to be the recently added Men’s Iron Man Heavy Metal T-Shirt . If you’re a fan of Iron Man and heavy metal, you can show your appreciation for both with the latest addition!

Men's Iron Man Heavy Metal T-Shirt £24.99
Men's Iron Man Heavy Metal T-Shirt £24.99

So there we have it, my top 10 favourite t-shirts. I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing the latest addition from this brand. We are constantly adding new designs to the site, so keep your eyes peeled for our new products! Is there a brand you would like to see more of? Let us know – we’re always keen to hear your thoughts!