Our Top Superhero Tees To Go About Your Adventures In This Summer!

We love all types of superhero here at TruffleShufle.com! From DC Comics legends, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, via Marvel’s Spiderman and Wolverine, right through to Bananaman, we simply can’t get enough! With so many amazing superhero films coming our way in recent times, this Summer is all about being off your love for the legends!

Here are our favourite and best selling Superhero T-Shirt designs to help you make that tough choice of, which one do I go for!


These stunners are just £9.99 and feature a classic, vintage distressed logo (available for both men and ladies)





Our new Superhero Jumpers have really got us jumping for joy!

It took us a while to land back down to Earth after these AMAZING DC Comics Superhero Jumpers flew in! Such a rare find, we were stoked when these knitted beauties took off from the States and made their way to Truffle Towers here in the UK.

So, the only questions now is… which one will it be?

The Batman Jumper

The Superman Jumper

The Flash Jumper

And girls, if you feel like you are missing out, they make a great slouchy jumper for you too!


Amp up your style with our New DC Headphones!

Now, if you’re anything like me, one of the most important things in life (after cups of tea, a comfy worm bed and a big roast dinner obviously) is music! Whether it’s to help relax after a long day, motivate you at the gym, drown out that annoying person on the phone while on the bus or simply set the mood for a good night out, music probably plays quite a big part in everyone’s lives and is always there to pick you up when times are hard.

Naturally, one thing that’s on the minds of many music lover is how to take that music with you wherever you go and how to make that experience as awesome as possible! One sure fire way and something that should always be part of your accessories arsenal is a good set of headphones. A good set can really make the difference in both sound and of course style – well we all want things to look cool too huh!

Introducing our latest accessories to save the day! These new DC Headphones are an all things music and all things retro lovers dream! Superhero headphones are about as cool as things come and with their amazing colours, can really become as much a part of your style, as your sound experience.

Black Retro DC Comics Batman Headphones  White Retro DC Comics Green Lantern Headphones
Superman Headphones £29.99 Batman Headphones £29.99 Green Lantern Headphones £29.99

Not only that! We’ve also got some amazing new DJ style headphones that come in a slightly larger 40mm speaker, detachable 3.5mm jack cable, extra padding and pumping our a massive 116 dB with a frequency range or 20-20 000 Hz. A DJ’s dream!

Blue DC Comics Superman DJ Headphones Black Dc Comics Batman DJ Headphones
Blue Superman DJ Headphones £52.99 Black Batman DJ Headphones £52.99

For all of these and more, check our our full range of retro headphones and earphones today and rock out with some retro style. Don’t forget! With christmas just around the merry corner, these little beauties would make perfect geeky gifts for someone special.