Awesome Stocking Fillers To Fill Your Boots With!

Busy hunting down a whole heap of gifts and stocking fillers for the special people in your lives? We know the feeling! Each year the task seems to get harder, longer and way less fun, right?

Wrong! With our huge collection of fun and funky gifts to suit everyone, we’re determined to bring a whole heap of good times into shopping for some great goodies. To make life even easier, we’ve picked out some of our top selling and face stocking filler gifts. Take a peep!

Nintendo NES Cartridge Coasters

Adding a splash of cool in practi-cool (yeh we did!), game away in style with our ace set of Nintendo NES Cartridge Coasters! A great little gift for the gamer in your life.

Disney Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Gold Lip Balm from Mad Beauty

Who doesn’t love an awesome lip balm? Sprinkle some Disney magic into your gift selection this year with this stunning Disney Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Gold Lip Balm.

DC Comics Batman Bath Duck

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The Early Bird Catches The… Best Christmas Deals!

You know the old saying, right? Well, we’re taking this to all new heights with our awesome new Earlybird Deals all week with up to 25% off!

Celebrating the release of our Christmas Gift Guide and totally appreciating how scary is it to be thinking about Christmas just yet, we’re helping you kick-start your gift grabbing with some amazing deals of selected items this week only!

TruffleShuffle Early Bird Offer

For a full look at all the goodies we’ve got some awesome deals on, click the banner above.

To help you out though, we’ve picked out some of our faves from this awesome range. Take a peep!

Nintendo Game Boy Digital Alarm Clock

We couldn’t even count the amount of times that the classic Game Boy saved us during those long car journeys during the Summer holiday! Winding away the hours while we frantically click our way through level after level. Such a classic and now our Game Boy Alarm Clock is only £19.99!

Disney 101 Dalmatians Lamp

Because there’s no such thing as having TOO much Disney magic in your home, right? Add the warm glow of 101 Dalmatians with our stunning 101 Dalmatians Lamp from just £24.99!

Disney Beauty & The Beast Rose Wine Glass

Fit for a Princess! Enjoy your favourite tipple in true Disney style with this lovely Disney Beauty & The Beast Rose Wine Glass. Awesome gift idea!

Wallace And Gromit Feathers McGraw T-Shirt

Have you seen this chicken? Well…. now you can all the time with one of our exclusive Wallace And Gromit Feathers McGraw Wanted Poster T-Shirts! Such a great way to show your love for this Aardman classic and now just £14.99!

Jurassic Park Logo T-Shirt

Oh the 90s… where you stole our hearts and rocked our world! Paying homage to possibly one of THE most iconic films ever, grab yourself one of our exclusive Jurassic Park Logo TShirts for just £14.99. Get your claws stuck in!

So there you have it folks! Check out the full range of our Earlybird offers on our website and snap something up while stocks last!

EXCLUSIVE New Game Over Tees To Console Your Winter Blues….

With Winter starting to rear its cold dark head, one things is for sure for us TruffleShufflers, it’s gaming time!

With the land of outside looking less and less inciting, we love nothing more than getting to have a night in with the lights down low and some of the latest mind-blowing games on a big screen. Heaven right?!

As much as we love these latest titles, sure one of the top 80s sites in the land can’t forget our retro roots which is why we’ve just paid homage to a real 80s icon with our exclusive new Game Over T-Shirts! Take a peep….

Men's Game Over Heavyweight T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle

Ladies Game Over Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle
Inspired by those lazy, hazy days of retro gaming, this old school design is sure to push the buttons of any nostalgia fans out there and makes a great Winter pick me up or perhaps the ultimate Christmas gift for the gamer in your lives.

Pick up your today for only £19.99!


Classic Retro Toys You Didn’t Get As a Kid But Can Buy Now!

We’ve all been there, when there is that one toy, game or gadget that seems like the perfect thing ever. It will solved all of life’s problems, it will make you happier than anything and for as long as you could possibly imagine and well….everyone else had one!

But alas! Not every toy that kept you up at night just thinking about would ever be yours, but don’t let that crush your dreams! That thing you wanted more than ever back then is possibly still up for grabs and now nobody can say that most evil word ‘no’.

To refresh some of these childhood memories and perhaps dive into our back pockets and start waving money at whoever stands in the way of us and our childhood dreams, we thought we would put together some of our top toys and gadgets we wanted back in the day but never got. Take a peep!
First used by Kevin in the hit film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, thanks to popular demand, the Talkboy was later created for real and released in 1993 to tween consumers everywhere. Manufactured by TIGER, the Talkboy was a simple handheld cassette player with attached microphone, allowing for instant playback. One of the coolest features was the fast/slow switch, which sped up or slowed playback, causing some pretty funky distortion and endless fun. In other words, you either sounded like a demon or a caffeinated chipmunk. Awesome!
You can pick one up today for around £30-£40.
Mr Frosty
Surely everyone in the land wanted one of these bad boys! It was so simple but so amazing. We all had visions of being the cool kid in the group as friends crowded round taking turns to pop some ice in the top, tive it a few quick turns (yeh right!) and hey presto you had a perfect summer treat full of any flaour you desired. Well! We never had one and can only remember a few people who did. Perhaps our parents saw it for what it was.

You can pick one up today for £18.99 brand stinking new!

Nintendo Power Glove
This was the best things since…well ever! The Power Glove wasn’t just a neat gaming accessory, it was a real status symbol like having a flashy car or big house gate. The Power Glove was unique for its time, allowing players to use motion to control their games much like people do today using the Wii.
As cool as this was, it did make you look weird and also didn’t really give you the dynamic control you were lead to believe making it harder to play than the standard controller. Not the point though right?

You can pick one up today for around £70-£90.

Game Boy / Game Boy Colour
We loved these! Before the times when you could get the latest games downloaded onto your smartphones and saved on a cloud along with you MP3s and MPEGs (yes, we’re cool and know techie things) the idea of getting to take some of your favourite games and characters with you wherever yo went was simply amazing! We can still remember waiting for our next long car trip and making sure we had spare batteries just so we could live the dream and play some games on the move. Bliss! If you had a game boy colour, you had Pokemon, that was a rule!
You can pick up a old model for around £30 or a colour for around £10-£20. Bargain!
Glo Worm
Glo Worm was THE hot toy in the early 80s! Such a simple idea too. These super cute and hugable worm that glowed became the must0-have thing for kids everywhere and later so did all the Glo Friends too. We just had to collect them all!

You can pick one up today for around £25-£30.

Baby Talk Doll
Now we all know (the guys anyway) that dolla are just plain creepy! Not imagine that but it can talk to you like something our of a classic horror film. Well this was big! All the girlies wanted this more than ever, to tak e care of and call your own. IT was perfect.

These have been solf on ebay for as little as £11!

As retro toys come, they don’t get much cooler than Transformers! You could have endless fun trying to get them back into their ‘disguise’ as well as pulling off some pretty big stunts, all the while hoping something doesn’t get snapped off!

Classic 80s G1 toys can be picked up for as little as £30 each.

So there you have them folks! Any other toys you didn’t get growing up that would love to have now? Let us know by leaving a comment below.