‘Junk Food’ is ‘oh so good’ for you! xoxo

With such a huge range of cool t-shirts, it’s really difficult for us to choose a favourite brand! Junk Food Clothing definitely stand a high chance – with their range involving great designs, vintage Inspired graphics, soft fitting fabric, and general awesomeness – they tick all the boxes when it comes to providing the retro world with Funky T-shirts.

We recently added to our collection of Junk Food T-shirts – so thought it would be only fair to share our favourites with you.

Now for the Ladies Junk Food t-shirts, and boy do we have a treat for you! Introducing some new shapes this season – sleeveless raglan t-shirts, floaty Junk Food Vests – and some oversized tees, Junk Food deliver yet again…!

Finally – sin free Junk Food….! The brand get a massive retro high five from us! xoxo

Cycling Superheroes

Being a keen cyclist I was pedalling my way across the world wide web the other night when I came across some some fantastic illustrations by graphic designer/illustrator/fellow bike fiend Mike Joos.

If like me, you grew up reading comics you’ll know some superheroes can fly through the air, some can scale skyscrapers and others can metamorphose into other beings. However, I don’t remember them ever resorting to riding bicycles! Joos, has created the funny side of these superheroes with these illustrations in which each character rides a customized bike. What is even more clever is that each of the bicycles is somehow connected to the character that sits on it.

See a selection of our favourite bike-themed Joos pieces below: