Brand New Junk Food. Now that’s food for thought….

Brand New JunkFood Clothing

Few things make the TruffleShuffle office as happy as a piping hot portion of Junk Food Clothing. As we’ve come to expect from the L.A based brand, this collection takes a pinch of vintage style mixes it with a spoonful of fashion and seasons it with a healthy dose of quality to create some amazing new Superhero, Music & Movie T-Shirts for him & her.

Here’s a couple of my faves….

Men’s Marble Black Back To The Future Logo T-Shirt from Junk Food – £36.99

Ladies White Patterned Batman Logo Scoop Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt from Junk Food – £39.99

Ladies Grey Leopard Blondie Slash Neck Sweater from Junk Food – £74.99

Men’s Blue Here Comes The Thunder Thor T-Shirt from Junk Food – £29.99

Men’s Black Hunting Space Invaders T-Shirt from Junk Food – £29.99

Ladies Blue Star Wars Cast Scoop Neck Oversized T-Shirt from Junk Food – £36.99

So……which one is your fave?

Available from just £23.99, check out our complete range of Junk Food T-Shirts today for even more to pick from.


Jump up, jump up & get down, JUMP-ER round!

Soon enough it’ll be time to retire that Christmas jumper for another year, so what will you replace it with? Retro jumpers are a good shout!!

It just so happens that TruffleShuffle has quite the collection of said retro jumpers, sweaters, whatever you call them… Designs available from some of our favourite brands including Junk Food, Chunk and Amplified!

So once the festive period has subsided you know where to come for funky jumpers. Take a look at my favourites…

£29.99 – Buy Now > £29.99 – Buy Now >
£49.99 – Buy Now > £29.99 – Buy Now >
£29.99 – Buy Now > £29.99 – Buy Now >