Mullins’ Top Ten Marvel T Shirts

I’ve been a massive comic book fan since a kid, so here’s my run down of my latest top ten Marvel T Shirts.

Iron Man T-Shirt
10. You could look as cool as Tony Stark in this awesome Iron Man T-Shirt
Spiderman T Shirt
9. With great power, comes great responsibility but with this great Spider-man tee, comes great coolness
Punisher T Shirt
8. This Punisher tee won’t make you a super badass vigilante but it will make you look badass
Fantastic Four T Shirt
7. Who will you been, The Thing? The invisible Woman? The Human Tourch? Or Mr Fantastic him self as you Don this totally fantastic Four Tee
Captain America T Shirt
6. Check out this wicked Captain America Tee
Pixellated Captain America T Shirt
5. I Love this old school computer graphic style Captain America print. Worthy of the super soldier himself.
Wolverine T Shirt
4. Charge up your Berserker attack cause thats all you’ll want todo when your wearing this Wolverine Tee
Captain America Uniform T Shirt
3. Be the best you can be. Be a super soldier like Steve Rodgers A.K.A Captain America
Avengers T Shirt
2. Avengers Assemble!
Deadpool T Shirt
1. He’s the Merc with a Mouth, A hired Gun and one of the best Anti-Heroes in the Marvel Universe . Break the Fouth Wall and Rock this awesome Deadpool Tee!

Get Tony Stark AKA Robert Downey Jr’s Black Sabbath T-Shirt As Seen In The Avengers Movie

In 1970, British heavy metal band Black Sabbath released a song called Iron Man and although it was not inspired in any way by the Marvel Comics armour-clad superhero, it was an obvious choice for the soundtrack of the 2008 movie starring Robert Downey Jr and can be heard over the closing credits.

Taking the connection even further, Tony Stark AKA Downey Jr is permanently sewed into a Black Sabbath T-shirt when he’s not wearing his Iron Man suit in the Avengers Assemble movie and after numerous requests, you can now get the very same tee right here at

 Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99 Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark Avengers Assemble
Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99 - As worn by Robert Downey Jr in the recent Avengers movie, paying homage to the group who recorded the classic song that bears his superhero character's name, Iron Man.

This wicked Black Sabbath tee ’78 Tour design has the real look of an original, vintage tee and is a bargain for any Superhero fans at just £19.99!

 Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99
Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99

Apparently, Robert Downey Jr was so taken with the tee that when asked….

Was there one particular prop he decided to keep?

His reply was…

“I walked off set with one of the Black Sabbath T-shirts!”

What can we say – the guys got good taste!

Fancy getting yourself some superhero style?

Click here to find out more and buy the very same tee for yourself!

New in at this month!

Here at TruffleShuffle, we’ve really been spoiling you this month with the amount of new designs, ranges and brands that we’ve launched!

In case you’ve missed out – we figured we’d give you a quick run down of some of our faves but don’t forget to come back and see us regularly as we add about 50 new lines EVERY WEEK so there’s always tonnes of new reasons to drop on by!

Shop NEW IN – Ladies here!
Shop NEW IN – Men’s here!


See you soon xoxo

Doctor Who T-Shirts
We heard your calls for new Doctor Who tees folks - click the pic to come and check out our latest finds!

This July saw the welcome addition of cult jewellery brand Me & Zena to our ever-growing catalogue of all things kitsch. With designs inspired by popular culture and ‘teenage dreams’; and prices starting at a bargainous £14.00, these fun finds are a must have for any fashionista’s jewellery box!

Me and Zena Jewellery Launches at
Designs incorporate everything from Robots, to pencil sharpeners, to ‘spin the bottle’; and the 90s inspired ‘Peace’ symbol rings. So if you’re looking for some playful pieces to add a touch of fun to your look this Summer, simply click the pic to check out the full range!
marvel t shirts truffleshuffle
Prepare to Marvel over the latest additions to our hugely popular Superhero range. With prices starting from just £17.99, they're ideal for all you comic junkies!

And last but not least – check out some of our brilliant new Summer shapes! Exclusive to TruffleShuffle, our slouch scoop neck tee and gorgeous swing vest look fab combined with our quirky retro prints. Ultra flattering, these fab finds are available up to a UK size 20 and prices start at just £20!

scoop neck t shirts and vests exclusive to truffleshuffle model photos

Summer Colours To Brighten Your Wardrobe!

Ok, so we know we are not exactly enjoying much of a “Summer” at the moment however we have been brightening up our daily attire with some fabulous new TruffleShuffle tees which help to lift the gloom of all this rain! We thought we would give you a little insight into the summer colours we are loving right now so you too can forget about the dreary weather and brighten up your outfits! 😉

Ladies First – we are old “fashion”ed like that! Whether you look Pretty In Pink, fancy yourself as a bit of a Baywatch babe, Big Bang Theory nerd or just love a bit of Disney and My Little Pony we have the tee for you, which will you choose?

If super bright isn’t quite your style you could always opt for a slightly less “in your face” pastel colour which is very much on trend at the moment, see our selection of perfect pastels featuring everything from Button Moon, Raggy Dolls, Moomins, Guess Who, Cluedo and Jem And The Holograms!

If none of these are your cup of “tee” you can check out the full range of Ladies T-shirts on the site to find your perfect summer treat!

Now for the men, whatever your style we have the summer colour to suit. Whether you’re more Sesame Street or Simpsons, Superheros or Sports we have it covered with these bright colours featuring Harry Potter, Coca Cola and music tees!

Whoever said pastels were just for the girls obviously hadn’t seen our huge collection of very manly designs on some great masculine colours! See for yourselves! Starting with Mr Men‘s Mr Grumpy or the original Play-Doh logo. For any of you guys wanting so show off those muscles this summer we have a selection of vests which are just the ticket and just added to the site is the fabulously retro Heat Sensitive colour changing t-shirts, just a fascinating as they were the first time round! Not forgetting the Labyrinth collection and the brand new Danger Mouse t-shirts and of course ultra masculine Ford designs!

To see the full men’s range click here and find your brilliant bright or perfect pastel design to see you through the summer (should it ever happen!)

I hope this has helped to inspire your summer wardrobe, here’s hoping for some sunshine soon so we can show off our new purchases and get working on those t-shirt tans! 🙂