Celebrate 50 Years of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory With Roald Dahl!

That’s right Roald Dahl fans! The amazing childhood classic Charlie And The Chocolate Factory turns and amazing 50 years old this year!

A bedtime staple since its first publication back in 1964, this story has been a part of almost everyone’s childhood and has become hits as films (1971 & 2005), operas and as a hit West End musical!

To celebrate this Whipple-Scrumptious occasion, the wonderful people at Roald Dahl have put together an amazing change for you to share YOUR Wonka memories.

To get involved, simply upload a picture or video of yourself with your favourite copy of Charlie – maybe even the one you read as a child – as well as your name, age and location and they will share their favourites on their amazing new RoaldDahl.com website blog as well as on their social media pages and profiles. Just like some of the celebrity fans…

Where Can I Post My Picture?

Easy! Just head on over to their….
Twitter (@roald_dahl)
Instagram (@roald_dahl)

Finally, using their special tag #CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory wherever you post it, they can spot it and perhaps share it. Sorted!

Camera shy? Don’t worry, you can get creative with you piccys and perhaps use the book to hide your identity while you strike a pose, it’s totally up to you 🙂

Anything else to add?

Of course! If you fancy sharing your first memories, thoughts and feelings of this classic book with the people at Roald Dahl directly, please do! Perhaps with your piccys you could include a little about….
– Who is your favoruite character and why?
– Which character do you think is most like you?
– Your first memory of reading this classic book? Was it read to you or did you tuck away and dive in yourself?

So there it is Roald Dahl fans! Go get snappy happy and join the fun.

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The Weekly Retro Movie Rundown 69!

Jacks missing ear! it’s the Weekend!

So aboard an intimidating Viking long ship as it imposingly floats across a misty river towards an unbeknown Saxon village. Let us be your Norse Warrior raiding party as we swing high our mighty axes for mega movie mayhem, we’ll hail loudly for cinematic awesomeness and we’ll pillage aggressively for celluloid wonder. Valhalla awaits us!

Have a happy retro weekend!

SATURDAY 21st September

The Great Escape (1963) Channel 5 5:50pm-9:00pm (3 hours 10 minutes)
The most rebellious Allied prisoners of war are sent to a supposedly escape-proof maximum-security detention camp during the Second World War. They plan an ingenious mass breakout by digging a tunnel, but even when free of the camp, making it across occupied Europe proves a dangerous journey. Drama, starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, James Coburn, Donald Pleasence, James Garner and Charles Bronson

Hot Shots! (1991) Film4 7:20pm-9:00pm (1 hour 40 minutes)
A pilot joins an elite squad to take part in a dangerous mission, but faces a struggle to live down his father’s bad reputation – and win the love of a glamorous psychiatrist. Comedy spoofing action movies – principally Top Gun – starring Charlie Sheen, Lloyd Bridges, Valeria Golino, Cary Elwes, Kevin Dunn and William O’Leary.

Iron Man (2008) Channel 4 9:00pm-11:25pm (2 hours 25 minutes)
Arms manufacturer Tony Stark is taken hostage by a terrorist group and realises the weapons his company builds have been falling into the wrong hands. Using his engineering skills to construct a hi-tech armoured suit, he manages to escape and then puts the technology to good use in the fight against evil around the world. Superhero adventure, starring Robert Downey Jr, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard

Iron Man T-Shirt
Men's Marve Iron Man By Odisy T-Shirt from Addict

Ladies Black Iron Man Attack T-Shirt
Ladies Black Iron Man Attack T-Shirt

City Slickers (1991) ITV London 10:15pm-12:20am (2 hours 5 minutes) Three middle-aged men take a break from the rat race and their mid-life crises to join a two-week cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado. Together with a bunch of fellow urbanites, they find the going much tougher than expected, and it is down to a real-life cowboy to whip them into shape. Comedy adventure, starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby and Jack Palance, who won an Oscar for his performance as grizzled trail boss Curly

SUNDAY 22nd September

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) ITV London 4:30pm-6:35pm (2 hours 5 minutes) A lonely boy befriends an alien who has been left stranded on Earth. The two develop a psychic connection as the boy helps the extraterrestrial to contact his own people and call for rescue. However, living on Earth starts to have a devastating effect on the visitor’s health, and a government operative is determined to capture him for study. Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi fantasy, starring Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Dee Wallace and Peter Coyote

E.T. T-Shirt
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Keep Calm And Phone Home E.T. T-Shirt
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Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) Film4 5:40pm-7:20pm (1 hour 40 minutes)
A rebellious fox decides it is time to grow up and change his chicken-stealing ways for the sake of his wife and children. However, the presence of three wicked farmers near his woodland home proves a challenge he cannot resist. Stop-motion animated adventure based on the novel by Roald Dahl, with the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray

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Men's Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle

Ladies Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle
Ladies Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle

Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) Film4 7:20pm-9:00pm (1 hour 40 minutes)
A misunderstood soldier who has retired to a Buddhist monastery is drawn back into action for a special mission. A succession of failed rescue missions has left countless American servicemen held hostage in the Middle East, and it falls to him to set them free. Spoof action movie sequel, starring Charlie Sheen, Valeria Golino, Lloyd Bridges and Rowan Atkinson.

The Big Lebowski (1998) ITV4 11:55pm-2:10am (2 hours 15 minutes)
A case of mistaken identity forces an ageing hippie to divide his time between trying to win a bowling tournament and searching for a wealthy industrialist’s kidnapped wife, while getting involved with assorted oddball characters in the process. Coen brothers comedy, starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, David Huddleston, Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Turturro.

Ladies Black The Dude Big Lebowski T-Shirt
Ladies Black The Dude Big Lebowski T-Shirt

Men's Big Lebowski Abide T-Shirt
Men's Big Lebowski Abide T-Shirt

Whatever you get upto this weekend, remember always check under the bed for monsters and enjoy yourselves.