Our Top #truffleshufflecom Instagrams…

Here at Truffle Towers, we really love a good rummage through our instagram feeds any chance we get. Waiting for a train, boiling the kettle for a fresh round, or even as the first thing we do in the morning to kick-start our day…we can’t be the only ones right?!

Well! To just show off some of the amazing things we’ve spotted and to show off some of our fans rocking our retro clothes, he’s another look at some of our favourite #truffleshufflecom or @truffleshufflecom tagged instagrams that have caught our eye over the last few days and weeks…..


Phew! Only #matilda left to read and blog now. 5 days til #roalddahlday #truffleshuffle #bookblog https://emzzfbakes.wordpress.com/


Best tee ever ! #tee #tshirt #batman #geekster #clothes #brucetim #dccomics #blue


Best tshirt EVER!!! money well spent! #truffleshuffle #Roald #Dahl #picoftheday #iphonephoto


Just got my shirt from truffle shuffle, so inpressed with service!


My #outfit in my latest post - what I wore roller skating! #zara skirt and #thunderbirds #truffleshuffle t-shirt


New Captain America T-shirt from @truffleshufflecom Thanks!


Childhood on a tshirt #thetwits #roalddahl #yellow #blonde #selfie #truffleshuffle.com #literaryclothes


Yes, I am wearing teenage mutant ninja turtles socks- what you saying it? #imcool #turtle #green #ninjaturtle #truffleshuffle #socks #sock #toastyfeet #greentoes


New favourite top, thank you lez! @emilyvictoriagibbons #MLP #truffleshuffle #bdaypresent


#mylittlepony #onelookyeomans #retro #truffleshuffle


#selfie #beatlejuicepants #beatlejuice #blonde #bathroom #david #davidbowie #bowie #labyrinth #jareth #thegoblinking #goblinking #truffle #shuffle #truffleshuffle #stripes #stripeypants

Want to get involved too? Why not show off some retro love and post a piccy of your latest purchase from our little site and tag it with either #truffleshufflecom or tag is in it as @truffleshufflecom and we’ll take a peep and perhaps help spread the love 🙂

See you there!


Our Top Polyvore Sets!

Some of you may remember a few weeks back we showcased some of our very favourite creations from top fashion social network Polyvore, well we’re back!

Yes since the last time, everyone has been using and sharing our products like there’s no tomorrow. Adding them to their amazing themed sets and virtually styling them up in more ways than we thought possible. So much inspiration to be had there!

So! To reward you guys with your amazing efforts, we decided to once again pick out some of our very favourite and help spread the love. Take a look at what’s caught our attention recently and be inspired for your very own creations….

My outfit for 8/1/13

My outfit for 8/1/13 by shylagirl1229 featuring slim jeans

Featuring our amazing Ladies Mickey Mouse T-Shirt from Junk Food Clothing, this look for us bring about some creative mixes of geek and rock and is a real treat.

Untitled #38

Untitled #38 by lapera772 featuring elastic hair ties

Using the same studded black boots from the previous outfit, this has gone in another direction and coupled our Ladies Rolling Stones Tongue T-Shirt with this cool vintage blue skirt, statement red bag and simple stylish hair.


CR by yorkington featuring tommy hilfiger

Now if you’re a My Little Pony fans this is the look for you! Packed with fun, colour and personality like the characters themselves this amazing outfit featuring our Ladies My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Mane 6 TShirt, purple converse and trendy geek glasses. This really goes to show just how much impact a few accessories can make to a simple tee and jean combo. Nice.


Geek by idilturkay featuring clarins eyeliner

Loving this super geek collection! Styling up a Star Wars A New Hope Poster T-Shirt with plenty of schooling accessories and black PU skirt. Simple but brilliant.

Fancy getting our our next short list? Head on over to Polyvore and get creating using as many TruffleShuffle items your heart desires.

Have fun!


The Summer of music! Our Latest Music Tees…

With Summer looking (sometimes) like it’s in full glorious swing, AND with so many amazing and iconic festivals either just behind us or coming up thick and fast, it really is the perfect time to dive into the wonderful world of music and spread some love for the greats the best way we know how….on a classic band tshirt!!

Helping to make your Summer that extra little bit special this year, we’ve been working hard and have just got in some amazing new music t-shirts that are ideal for the hot sunny days ahead, be it at a family BBQ, the beach, beer garden (drink responsibly) or even rocking it around town.
Take a peep at some of our latest rock t-shirts below for some fashion inspiration….

Recently back with a bang and taking this top spot in the charts with 13, this amazing Black Sabbath T-Shirt is a perfect way to pay homage to the iconic Brit rock band.

Men's Black Sabbath Creature T-Shirt
Men's Black Sabbath Creature T-Shirt

Whether it’s Dancing Queen, Money Money Money or Waterloo, everyone knows and loves an Abba classic! This faces Abba T-Shirt if a real must-have for all your fans out there.

Ladies Abba Faces T-Shirt
Ladies Abba Faces T-Shirt

If you love a bit of Bowie on a hot Summers day, do it in style with this cool new David Bowie T-Shirt featuring the man….sorry….legend himself doing his thing on stage. A simple classic.

Men's David Bowie Scream T-Shirt
Men's David Bowie Scream T-Shirt

Wether you were one of the lucky ones who got to see them at Glasto just last weekend….or like most of us here you settled for and amazing experience on telly, everyone should be getting into some classic rock n roll action with a Rolling Stones T-Shirt! They have been the height of cool since the early days and now the humble Rolling Stones tee is just as big…if not bigger than it’s ever been and will always be in fashion.

Ladies Rolling Stones Distressed Tongue T-Shirt
Ladies Rolling Stones Distressed Tongue T-Shirt

Check out this wicked Johnny Cash T-Shirt that comes bursting with Rock n Roll attitude and style! Got to love the iconic image of the musical legend himself flippin the bird…many speculations over why he did that..but we think it’s cool whatever.

Men's Johnny Cash Cash Flippin T-Shirt
Men's Johnny Cash Cash Flippin T-Shirt

Ahh this take me back to my youth! When most of my music collection was made up of angry young men who loved to really shout about it….it still is actually! This wicked tee shirt is a great way to show your appreciation for the band who formed in 1996 and features the classic Linkin Park logo. Love it!

Men's Linkin Park Concentric Logo T-Shirt
Men's Linkin Park Concentric Logo T-Shirt

Packed with their signature look and attitude, this amazing Bullet for my Valentine T-Shirt is a great way to show off your….heavier rock side with some amazing detail (I love the drips!) and bold imagery. The style and shape of of little number really completes the look too.

Ladies Bullet For My Valentine Dead Heart T-Shirt
Ladies Bullet For My Valentine Dead Heart T-Shirt

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap folks! All of these amazing new designs are available for only £19.99 and will be sure to complete any look you so wish 🙂

Are there any bands you think we’re missing or other designs you’d love to see?? Let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll try and hunt them down for you.