My Top Five 80s Movie Intros…

1. Top Gun

Top Gun has one of the best 80’s movie opening scenes. It’s got F14 jets taking off, the Top Gun anthem, “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins playing and then straight into the action with Maverick and Goose.

In the film, Charlie’s old man date was the real life “Viper”, Pete Pettigrew. He was a Top Gun instructor and retired Navy pilot, and served as the technical consultant on the film.

2. Rocky 4

I always loved the way Rocky 4 started; it’s basically just a re-cap of what happened at the end of 3, but starts with two giant boxing gloves crashing together and then cutting to the recap, and it has “Eye Of The Tiger” playing!

According to Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Carl Weathers really did not get along and got into an altercation during filming. Lundgren threw Weathers across the ring before it was broken up (

3. Transfomers the movie 1986

Transformers animated series, generation 1, started in 1984 and ran for 9 years with huge success, so it’s no surprises that there was an animated movie made.

For me the best thing about the animated movie was the awesome soundtrack and theme song by Lion.

4. Back to the future

I love the beginning of Back To The Future, with the giant amp exploding sending Marty flying across the room, then with “The Power of Love” playing, Marty skateboards to school holding to the back of a pickup truck. I always wanted to do that!

5. The Goonies

The Goonies has a great opening scene that really sets the tone for the whole film. Its starts with one of the Fratteli brothers being broken out of prison by the other and their mum, followed by a police chase while they also introduce you to some of the other characters from the film.

Sunny, You Goonie!

Heeyyy you guys!

It’s been a little while since I submitted a guest post for TruffleShuffle, so I thought I’d better make this one a really good one!

Well I don’t know about you but there was clearly only one topic that I could talk about:
‘The Goonies’

Probably one of the best films EVER. You can quote me on that one too!

A few weeks ago, The Goonies was on one of the TV channels. Despite the fact that I have it on DVD and must have watched it at least a trillion times, I always get excited when it comes on. So much so I have to let all my friends and family know it’s on. You can’t beat watching it live! 🙂

My dream team DVD collection!

What really shocked me though this time around was the amount of people on my Twitter and some of my colleagues who had never heard of it let alone watched it. SAY WHAAAT! How have people never watched this film before?? I mean, I wasn’t even born in 1985 (1988 in case you were wondering) when it was released yet I remember watching it when I was a nipper.

So once I had stopped shouting “I can’t believe you haven’t watched The Goonies man!” I then had the task of explaining exactly what the film is about and why it is the best film ever, pretty easy task really.

See I feel explaining it using the written word just doesn’t do it justice at all, or even speaking about it for that matter. It’s just one of those films that you have to see yourself to truly appreciate it, but here goes.

It’s a classic adventure film where a group of friends find a treasure map and set off on an amazing adventure to try and find “One-eyed” Willy’s treasure. All for the purpose of saving their beloved town- the Goon Docks. Along the way they have to put up with a family of bad guys (The Fratelli’s), booby-traps (booty traps as Data says-lolz), a deformed yet friendly ‘giant’ Sloth and a whole lot of crazy scary scenarios.

Trust me this film is pretty epic. Oh and it isn’t as “childish” as it sounds!

This is the kind of film where you fall in love with every character, makes you laugh, it makes you root for the Goonie gang to find the treasure and most of all it makes you wish you were a kid again- a Goonie.

As I once read somewhere, watching The Goonies is like watching all your dreams come true on screen.

If you haven’t watched it this film then why not add it on to your to do list? After seeing this film, you’ll be quoting the dialogues (fifty-dollar bills!) and doing the ‘Truffleshuffle’ (yep this website was named after The Goonies– it is THAT cool).

My very first purchase all those years ago on Truffleshuffle was actually a Goonies t-shirt, and trust me it wasn’t my last! There are always some ace Goonie goodies available.

Just one of my Goonies goodies

Cos just like Sloth loves Chunk. I love The Goonies…and Truffleshuffle of course.

Now excuse me, I’ve got a date with Mikey, Brand, Chunk, Mouth, Data, Andy, Stef and Sloth…


The Big Fat Weekend Sofa Movie Challenge

If like me, you’re bored to the back teeth of trashy reality T.V then boy have we got a treat for you this weekend! Prepare to cosy up with us TruffleShufflers on the sofa and veg out big time out for a  full on old school movie master class.

Yes, I’ve quite literally challenged myself to watch as many retro movies as possible over the coming weekend. Don’t worry – I’ve only chosen movies available on freeview or terrestrial channels so everyone can join in with my square eyed extravaganza.

The amount of awesome movies on the old telly box is quite frankly incredible so here’s my very own old school TV guide for your viewing pleasure!


As most normal people don’t get out of bed on a Saturday before Noon, I’m starting with James Bond Live and Let Die which is on ITV4 at 12:30 – 3:00pm!

Here’s a taster of that famous crocodile scene to wet your appetite…

Complete with the awesome Paul McCartney theme tune that later was made even more awesome by Guns N Roses,  the legend that is Roger Moore and the weird voodoo stuff, it’s the perfect wake up call to start off the movie marathon.

OK so you’ve got half an hour to grab yourself a cup of tea and a quick bite of late lunch in preparation for the next in line, that modern day classic Men in Black which is on 5* at 3:30 – 5:25.

Men in black

Join Will smith and Tommy Lee Jones as they hunt down the scum of the universe – great for all the family too!

You might have to miss the last 30 mins though because next up, I’ve found a proper 80’s classic which really can’t be missed! It’s only flipping Brewster’s Millions which is on ITV4 from 5:00pm-7:00pm

For anyone who hasn’t seen it (really??!) the comedy legend that is Richard Prior has to spend 30 million dollars in just one month or he’ll lose get his inheritance. Cue loads of laughs and plenty of feel good moments – it really is a bloody brilliant film and my pick of the day!

Time for a tea and toilet break as you’ve got 30 minutes before the next instalment of my movie marathon which is the 2009 remake of Star Trek, on from 7:30pm-10pm on Channel 4.

For a more authentic experience, we recommend slipping into one of our Star Trek Dressing Gowns to prepare yourself for going boldly where no man has gone before!

Men's Star Trek Spock Bath Robe £40.00
Men's Star Trek Spock Bath Robe £40.00

Live long and prosper folks as we reckon that after all the movie mayhem, it’s definitely time for bed (although if you do feel like staying up, the cracking Eddie Murphy Raw is on Film 4 at 11:05pm-12:50am.)


Never fear though as when you wakey wakey on Sunday – you’ve got a tonne of pure 80’s gold to look forward to!

We’ve got a breakfast treat for you as we’re starting with War games, an early 80’s classic which is on from 11:00am-1:20pm on ITV1

The film follows David Lightman (the awesome Matthew Broderick), a young hacker who unwittingly accesses WOPR, a United States military supercomputer programmed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war. Lightman gets WOPR to run a nuclear war simulation, originally believing it to be a computer game but it causes a national nuclear missile scare and nearly starts World War III. Definitely worth waking up early (well early-ish) for!

Most excitingly of all though, on channel 5 from 2:00-4:00pm, you’ve only got The Goonies to enjoy! Perfectly timed to coincide with the Sunday Roast, prepare for some proper family fun with Chunk and the gang! And don’t forget to join in for the Truffle Shuffle scene in our honour…..

Preferably wearing our Men’s How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune Good god we love this film!

If time travel was actually possible I would then watch Back to the Future which is on from 5:55pm-8:00pm on ITV2 meaning it it overlaps with Transformers Revenge of the Fallen which starts at 6:40pm-9:00pm Channel 4.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Men's T Shirt from American Classics £19.99
How has no-one invented time travel yet?

Which to choose? Well don’t know about you but I’m going to leave it up my magic 8 Ball!

Finally, to top off our weekend long movie marathon, finish up with  Trading Places which is on from 9:00pm-11:15 on Film 4. More Eddie Murphy this time alongside Dan Aykroyd

Pheweeeeeee……..that old school movie combo should definitely quench your movie thirst and tingle those celluloid taste buds for another week. Bring it on!

If I succeed in this challenge I’ll be sure to let you all know and if you choose to join in, let us know how you fared and if there are other movies I may have missed!

Oh and of course, if you’re in need of more 80’s movie nostalgia head on over to our main site where you’ll find an awesome selection of tees for movie buffs!

Men’s How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt
from Fame and Fortune

+£1.95 P&P


The day our all our Truffle Shuffle-ing dreams came true!

So for those of you who don’t know, here at, we’re named after the one and only TruffleShuffle dance, as performed by the incomparable Chunk from The Goonies…….

Yes, our founder loved the iconic movie so much that when it came to coming up for a name for the site back in 2004, Chunk’s classic belly shaking move was the only choice and hence was born.

With that in mind, you can imagine our absolute amazement to discover that none other than Jeff B Cohen AKA the man who played Chunk over 25 years ago is following us on twitter!


We’ve even tweeted each other and were completely honoured to send him some of our official Goonies tees including this one of course….

Men's How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune
Men's How To Do The Truffle Shuffle Goonies T-Shirt from Fame and Fortune

Not that he needs reminding how to do it I’m sure!

For those of you wondering where he is now, unfortunately, Jeff decided to leave the movie world behind after his star stint as Chunk and is now a 36-year-old entertainment lawyer! In fact, he runs his own law firm, Cohen & Gardner, LLP and in 2008, was named by the “Hollywood Reporter” as one of Hollywood’s Top 35 Executives Under 35! Who’d have thunk it?

We’re struggling to see any resemblance whatsoever to our childhood hero Chunk!

Chunk then.....

In a recent interview, Jeff said ‘Puberty was the main culprit in ending my acting career. I went from being kind of this chunky little kid to looking different and I was really bummed because I loved acting.’

Don’t worry Jeff – we’ll always love you and huge thanks again for making our day, no scrap that YEAR by following us! We’d never have dreamed all those years ago that the guy who inspired our whole site would know who we are!

See people, dreams really do come true!

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