Our Most Out Of This World Star Wars Gifts For 2022!

On the hunt for the coolest and downright geeky Star Wars gifts for the ultimate fan in your life? Look no further weiry traveller from distant lands, our ever-growing collection of official Star Wars merchandise is packed with ideal treats to make your gift game out of this world!

We know all well that finding the perfect gifts some a special someone can be a total bounty hunt and leave you feeling like you’ve been searching the entire galaxy, but fear not, we’ve used the force to pull together some of the most-loved and best Star Wars gift ideas including t-shirts, puzzles, bags, accessories and more.

From the might of Darth Vader, the coolness of The Mandalorian to the small, furry, mammaloid, biped Ewoks of Endor, check out our hot list of the perfect gifts for him and her below.

Star Wars Darth Vader Light With Sound

“No… I am your perfect gifting find” is totally what this awesome Darth Vader light would say if it could. Trust us. Setting the mood just right for a night in with their favourite Star Wars stories, characters and action, switch this on and enjoy the cool red glow and classic Vader sounds.
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Your Hunt Is Over – Exclusive New The Mandalorian T-Shirts Now In!

That’s right all you sci-fi fans! We’re singing like a wookie with excitement to bring you our very own and oh-so exclusive The Mandalorian T-Shirts that we know anyone who has been glued to the adventure on Disney+ will totally love!

Taking all our favourite elements from this modern-day classic, we totally feel your hunt for the best Star Wars T-Shirt around is over with this all-new The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Helmet T-Shirt.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Helmet T-Shirt

Featuring the iconic helmet as part of the beskar’gam (traditional Mandalorian armour to you and I), cool retro style and Mando’a text, you’ll love to discover all the amazing details we’ve packed into this stunning new tee.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Helmet T-Shirt

With classic moments from the show all featuring within the helmet design, get ready for plenty of adorning looks from fellow fans with this in your very own collection of Star Wars TShirts.

Available in sizes small to 5XL, be sure to grab your while stocks last and get ready for even more Mando action with season three which will be hitting our screens in February 2023.

Shop this latest addition and our complete collection of Star Wars merchandise including perfect geeky Star Wars gifts for the fan in your life, head over to Truffleshuffle.co.uk and let the bounty hunt begin!

10 Star Wars TShirts To Make Your May The 4th Out Of This World!

Rising on the horizon like the twin suns of Tatooine, Star Wars day is just around the corner on May 4th (get it? May the 4th be with you!) and we’re SO ready to celebrate the most iconic sci-fi adventure movies ever as well as the amazing characters that it has introduced us to!

The perfect day to really celebrate your passion for these incredible stories, make this year a little extra special and a whole lot geekier with one of our amazing Star Wars TShirts!

To help get you inspired and ready to dive in and pull the trigger on your new tee, we’ve picked out ten of our favourite Star Wars clothing from our ever-growing collection of Star Wars merch. Make like a Wookie and check them out!

Star Wars Ewok Endor Park Ranger Khaki T-Shirt

Surely THE Star Wars tee to ‘Endor’ Star Wars tees? Okay, bad pun but we tried. Show off your true credentials as a forest-dwelling Ewok with our Star Wars Ewok Endor Park Ranger Khaki T-Shirt.
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Delightful New Decorative Vases & Walls Vases!

On the prowl for fun ways to add a whole heap of fun and personality to your space? Trust us… we’re right there with you!

Adding your own personal touches to your home can be a real game-changer to add bunches of character and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Our new collection of fun and novelty vases and wall vases are the ideal way to not only add your own touch to any room but a whole lot of love for your favourite movies, characters and more too!

With plenty of amazing vase designs currently on the website, find your perfect style and check out some of our top picks!

Harry Potter Amortentia Love Potion Table Vase

Sure to create a powerful infatuation or obsession, add a whole lot of Potter magic to your space with our Harry Potter Amortentia Love Potion Table Vase! Can you resist its powers?
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Amazing New Pet Accessories Sure To Get Their Tails Wagging!

All you fellow pet owners out there will totally know that keeping your fur baby healthy, safe and happy is pretty much a part-time job.

Our beloved pets are such a huge part of our family and our home life it would be totally unfair to not include them in the fun, right? Our fantastic new collection of awesome pet accessories are here to do just that and add a little cult cool to your (and their!) day.

With such an amazing reaction to our initial collection of pet toys and more, we just had to sniff out even more goodies for your furry friends to enjoy and here they are! Take a look and some of our latest treats for all the good boys and girls out there.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Plush Rope Toy for Dogs

Prepare for a tug of war Battle of Althir-like proportions with this Star Wars rope toy for dogs. Inspired by the addictive live-action series The Mandalorian, it features a squashy, squeaky version of Grogu attached to a hard-wearing but teeth-friendly rope ring.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Carriage Dog Toy with Squeaker

Just like Grogu himself, your pooch will want to protect their The Mandalorian The Child Carriage Dog Toy with Squeaker at all costs! Made from super soft plush and with a cute squeaker inside they’ll love, add some Star Wars cool to their day with this out of this world treat!

Disney Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Pet Carrier

Sometimes you just need to take your pet to infinity… and beyond (or… maybe just the vets) so why not do it in total safety and style with this Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Pet Carrier?

Small Blue Moomin Food Bowl for Pets

Just the right size for pint-sized pooches and cats, this Moomin Food Bowl for Pets features the Moomin family and friends. Such a cute way to serve their tasty treats!

Aardman Wallace and Gromit Gromit's Raincoat and Sou'wester for Dogs

Sure to make a splash out on your walks, keep your best friend warm and dry with this incredible Wallace and Gromit Gromit’s Raincoat and Sou’wester for Dogs! You can’t tell us this won’t be getting all the love down the park, right?

Disney Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Pet Carrier

Transporting your pet somewhere? We’ve got just the thingmabob to do the job perfectly. Drawing on the spectacle of Disney’s timeless animation, this Cinderella pet carrier is designed in the style of the princess’s enchanted pumpkin carriage. They shall go to the ball!

Grey Moomin Silicone Pet Mat 60 x 40cm

Keep their favourite spot… where they eat (of course!) super clean and totally adorable with our Moomin Silicone Pet Mat. Featuring Snork Maiden, Sorry-oo and co, we love the amazing print and handy wipe clean material. Great treat for them and you!

Medium Yellow Moomin Food Bowl for Pets

Featuring Moomintroll and Little My in a tangle with some furry friends. This Yellow Moomin Food Bowl for Pets is guaranteed to get tails wagging and is suitable for smaller pooches and cats.

Pawing at the screen yet? You can find all these and our complete collection of pet gifts that also make ideal gifts for pet lovers over on TruffleShuffle.co.uk!