Our Top Cosplay Fails

Ever wanted to fly like Superman? Have awesome gadgets like The Batman or even hop into the ring like Rocky? Well with our new Superhero Snugglers you can be a step closer to that dream and put your feet up and drink tea (milk and one please!). At least you’ll have an easier time looking like your heroes than some of these crazy cats as I reveal some of my favourite ever Cosplay…..fails.

1)      Looks like Tony Stark was felt the credit crunch while making the new Iron Man suit.

2)      On second thoughts, maybe George Lucas needed just a pinch more CGI

3)       Wonder (how many pies?) Woman

4)      I wonder if you put him on the hob you get popcorn…

5)      Umm it’s clobbering time????

So there you have it folks, you never know this might have inspired some future fancy dress outfits of your very own! If you’re looking for an easy way out or just searching for some extra Superhero in your lives, check out our cool Snugglers…the only question left is….who will you be?

Superman Snuggler

DC Comics Superman Muscle Print Snuggler

Batman Snuggler

DC Comics Batman Muscle Print SnugglerRocky Muscle Print Snuggler

Rocky Muscle Print Snuggler


Get Tony Stark AKA Robert Downey Jr’s Black Sabbath T-Shirt As Seen In The Avengers Movie

In 1970, British heavy metal band Black Sabbath released a song called Iron Man and although it was not inspired in any way by the Marvel Comics armour-clad superhero, it was an obvious choice for the soundtrack of the 2008 movie starring Robert Downey Jr and can be heard over the closing credits.

Taking the connection even further, Tony Stark AKA Downey Jr is permanently sewed into a Black Sabbath T-shirt when he’s not wearing his Iron Man suit in the Avengers Assemble movie and after numerous requests, you can now get the very same tee right here at TruffleShuffle.com.

 Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99 Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark Avengers Assemble
Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99 - As worn by Robert Downey Jr in the recent Avengers movie, paying homage to the group who recorded the classic song that bears his superhero character's name, Iron Man.

This wicked Black Sabbath tee ’78 Tour design has the real look of an original, vintage tee and is a bargain for any Superhero fans at just £19.99!

 Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99
Men's Black Sabbath Tour T-Shirt £19.99

Apparently, Robert Downey Jr was so taken with the tee that when asked….

Was there one particular prop he decided to keep?

His reply was…

“I walked off set with one of the Black Sabbath T-shirts!”

What can we say – the guys got good taste!

Fancy getting yourself some superhero style?

Click here to find out more and buy the very same tee for yourself!