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What’s the famous saying? Take care of the pennies and the retro t-shirts take care of themselves?

As new customers often ask what TruffleShuffle discount codes we have on offer – we thought we would remind you of the various ways you can gain some extra spending money to spend on your favourite website!

Remember to review your products for a chance to win £50 to spend on the site!

Last month’s winner reviews her Labrynith t-shirt and bagged herself for some TruffleShuffle credit:

Being an ’80s kid I have had the pleasure of growing up watching such Henson films as Labyrinth, with David Bowie and his bulge with the power to steal your gaze whenever it’s on screen. I love this film, so much so that I have a tattoo of a goblin. However, I’ve always been dismayed that I couldn’t show my love of the film with clothing, as I couldn’t find anywhere making such magical apparel. So imagine my happiness when I discovered truffle shuffle! Oh, the pleasure, and the difficulty of choosing given the stock of so many awesome labyrinthian t-shirts! But I chose this shirt as my first (and not my last!) labyrinth order from truffle shuffle. It arrived faster than you can say ‘dance magic dance’ and now I wear my shirt of bowie and his bulge with pride. I have even had employees of particular well-known chain stores stop me to discuss labyrinth because of my shirt! I have since added to my growing collection of labyrinth tops with the blue hoggle tee, during a period when truffle shuffle was giving discounts on all their range. What a delightful retailer to buy from! They make everyday one worthy of bursting into song… so here I go… ‘You remind me of the babe!’….

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Fancy winning a £50 gift voucher to spend at TruffleShuffle?

It’s that time again! With the end of the month approaching – we are giving one lucky customer a £50 gift voucher to spend at TruffleShuffle.

‘What do I have to do?’ WELL! It couldn’t be easier! We need awesome reviews of awesome t-shirts, by awesome people (That’s where you come in!)

If you head over to TruffleShuffle and choose the latest cool t-shirts that you have purchased – and leave a review, we will then choose our favourite review on the 1st of September.

Last months winner, amused us with his outstanding review of our Ramones t-shirt.

”so? being a middle age old punk, Ramones T-Shirts are required by law for us.but since the evil rulers off the world at primark have cottoned on to this we find ourselves in a ethically difficult position and ill fitting Ramones jumpers, along with some berk called Steve with a wonky eye who thought “HEY HO LETS GO” was larry graysons catch phrase. ….until truffle shuffle.. not only did the thing arrive in about the time billy butter fingers here could press the “confirm payment button” button but the quality was excellent. the design its self is a rare find too(important when your down the front, in a mass of old bald blokes all wearing the same t-shirt!) the cruel irony about getting older is as your hair gets thinner,the rest of you gets thicker and it was unfortunately a bit snug,my fault entirely,not truffles. after a quick begging letter Amy was soon in contact,she didn’t swear at me once and sorted out a larger size for me straight away with no hassles… if Amy is like her customer service skills in real life? then i suspect shes a heart breaker! 😉 replacement fits perfectly and arrived as fast as the first and already my best mate has called me some choice names cos he doesn’t have one! great company,great service (a rare find), great T-shirt! thank you muchly. ps, nearly forgot!….SWEETS!…there were sweets in the bag! i kid you not, didn’t ask for any but got em anyway! Jesus its worth it just for the sweets!….SWEETS MAN!…whats not to like?”

Fancy your chances? Here’s some tips to help you on your way..

What did you love about the product you bought?

Who would you recommend this product for?

Did you enjoy our website and your shopping experience?

What did you think about our service?

Did your order arrive nice and quickly?

Is there anything you would change?

Would you recommend us to a friend?

Happy reviewing! We can’t wait to read them all! xoxo

Win £300 to spend on TruffleShuffle!

Summer is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than by sprucing up your wardrobe compliments of  TruffleShuffle? This week we are giving you and 2 friends the chance to win £300 worth of TruffleShuffle gift vouchers. Never mind the Queen, this is definitely something worth celebrating! This is our biggest give-away yet, and it’s super easy, so we hope EVERYONE gets involved!

All you have to do is right click and save this Jubilee-tastic picture (see below) – then upload it to your Facebook wall. Once you have uploaded the picture, tag your 2 best friends in the image. All done? One more step…be sure to tag in the picture, as this secures your entry. We will then choose a winner at random from all your tagged pics – and you each get £100 to spend on the site!

Win £300 to spend at

The competion closes at Midnight on Wednesday 6th of June – so you have plenty of time to enter!

Once you have uploaded the picture, check the tags are in place – and sit back and relax.

Good luck TruffleShufflers! xoxo

Review your recent purchase for a chance to win a £50 gift voucher! xoxo

A new month approaching can only mean ONE thing at TruffleShuffle Review of the month time! We give one lucky customer £50 to spend on the site! It’s really simple for you guys to enter – and for us it’s one our favourite competitions to judge. We love browsing through all the entries – from how the t-shirt fits, your reaction when the postman delivered it less than 24 hours after you ordered, the comments you get from fellow fans – and the memories that come flooding back when you wear it!

All you have to do is find the product you ordered, and click ‘add a review’ – and tell us about your purchase. Some things to think about when you are typing your review:

What did you love about the product you bought?

Who would you recommend this product for?

Did you enjoy our website and your shopping experience?

Did your order arrive nice and quickly?

Is there anything you would change?

Would you recommend us to a friend?

Last months winner reviewed our Exclusive Ladies Dance Magic Dance Sweater and bagged herself a gift voucher for the site.

”When I saw this jumper, I just has to have it! While ordering it all I could do was sing to myself, ‘Slime and snails, Puppy dogs tails, Thunder or lightening, Then baby said….’ Labyrinth is one of my all time favourite movies and I had a huge crush on David Bowie (including bulge) ;)!!! I think I’ll probably get some of the other tshirts as well, they’ll look great with skinny jeans 🙂 I love truffleshuffle stuff. You can’t get it in shops and I’m always being asked where I got my top! Thank you and Well done on another amazing addition guys!”

To check out all the other reviews click here. There is no limit to how many products you can review, and you have 5 days to get your entries in – as we judge the reviews on the 1st day of every month! Good luck TruffleShufflers! xoxo