TruffleShuffle Does…. The TruffleShuffle!

If (like us) the Truffle Shuffle is your fave bit of 80’s classic, The Goonies then out of all the TruffleShuffle T-Shirts this is the one you definitely need in your life. You’re in for such a treat with this awesome Do the TruffleShuffle t-shirt! To the unsuspecting eye, it looks like an awesome Goonies t-shirt, then POW – before you know it your reenacting Chunk’s piece de resistance! Featuring a classic design, the real magic happens when you lift your top up! (Oooh matron!)

If you’re a fan, then this tee is a movie t-shirt MUST HAVE! Enjoy!

Whats that? How to do the TruffleShuffle? Follow these 3 easy steps…..
1.Get in position with your feet apart and knees slightly bent
2.Lift your shirt up to your chin and expose that lovely belly
3.Shake that belly baby. DO IT!

Still not got it? Watch the video….

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