Cool band t-shirts…sweet music to our ears!

When our favourite brands brings out a new collection it really is, sweet music to our ears! This time is no different, with Amplified Vintage recently dropping a new delivery of music t-shirts featuring some of our favourite artists.

Founded in 2004, Amplified has fast become the definitive go to label for authentic vintage Rock T-Shirts and clothing. Fuelled by great music, the brand is created in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest and most iconic artists and so stars the likes of The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, The Clash and David Bowie to name but a few!

We like to think of ourselves as your retail iPod…giving you a massive collection of all your favourite artists and tunes in the form of cool band t-shirts!

If you like to think of yourself as the next Mick Jagger, then check out our Men’s Amplified Vintage t-shirts.

We also have an amazing selection of Ladies Amplified Vintage t-shirts for all lovely ladies of the rock world!

Check out our full selection of awesome music t-shirts and our even ‘awesomerererer’ selection of music gifts by heading over to the site! Enjoy!

We love TruffleShuffle tees just as much as you do!

Working for the biggest online retailer of cool t-shirts, we see our fair share of amazing tees hit the shelves…! But which ones have stuck out? Do we have a favourite..and why do we love them so much? I’ve grabbed 10 minutes with a few of my favourite TruffleShufflers and asked them about their fashion tee-ndencies while they’ve worked here, and what generally makes them tick when it comes to the world of retro! Enjoy!

First up is James, the designer for TruffleShuffle (he’s the one responsible for all the cool t-shirts – so we should probably take 5 minutes to applaud his geniusness!)

Out of Print t-shirts

Favourite t-shirt ever produced? – Old Skool Gamer T-Shirt.  I’ve been a massive computer game fan since I was about 10, so to get the opportunity to design a T-Shirt featuring all my favourite consoles and controllers was a bit of a treat.

Favourite range you’ve ever designed? – Sesame Street is always really fun to work with, they’ve got such a versatile range of characters and we’re always allowed to do quite weird and wonderful things with them.  Whether we’ve got Elmo and the gang crossing Abbey Road, joining a rock group or even recreating the Trainspotting movie poster they always make it look cool!

What was your first t-shirt ever purchased from TruffleShuffle? – My first T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle was one featuring Pac-Man and one of the Ghosts taking over Tokyo, it managed to look retro and modern at the same time and is still one of the favourite items in my wardrobe!  It came from Chunk clothing who are always experts in doing weird mash ups with their characters.

Secondly we have the ever so beautiful Lucy, the buyer here at TruffleShuffle. She’s also responsible for all the coolness on the site – so be nice to her. If you want to bribe her into stocking something, chocolate and jewellery will definitely earn you some brownie points!

TruffleShuffle t-shirts

Favourite item you’ve ever sourced for TruffleShuffle? – The brand, Mr Gugu & Miss Go. It’s a really new, crazy, quirky and punchy range which makes a real statement. We like to keep things fresh and exciting on and this brand offers funky, psychedelic and kitsch retro influences, teamed with modern technology, creating cool, vibrant all over prints for an edgy, hipster look! My fave has to be the crazy cat!

Who’s your favourite celebrity ever spotted in TruffleShuffle clobber? – I think Cara Delevingne has a really fab look and always looks great in a retro tee!

Sum up TruffleShuffle in 5 words? – Nostalgic, Fun, Individual, Quirky, Awesome!

Next up is Amy, she’s responsible for overseeing the whole operation when it comes to your goods hitting the shelves…! She’ was the first ever member of staff here at TruffleShuffle (to be honest, I think she’s just waiting for the day we stock high heels…she doesn’t love us at all. It’s all about the shoes!)

Grease t-shirts

So the Goonies kick-started it all for TruffleShuffle, but what’s your fave retro movie? – Mrs Doubtfire (1993!)

What item from TruffleShuffle are you lusting over at the moment? – coming soon – can’t wait!

Who’s your favourite Disney princess? – Cinderella (Ultimate Disney glam!)

Next up is Iain, he’s in charge of marketing! He is responsible for all the cool stuff happening on our social networking sites.

Movie t-shirts

If you could be an extra in any 80’s film, which would you choose? It would have to be Star Wars in Return of The Jedi, getting to dress up as a Stormtrooper would be so much fun. I’d make sure I didn’t pump my head though. D’oh!

Out of all the TruffleShuffle tees you have, what one gets the most comments? – Most comments? Hmmm probably my Tommy Cooper T-Shirt, I think he’s such a beloved comedian and not too often seen on screen these days sadly. Seeing it instantly reminds people of how amazing he was perhaps.

Favourite band from the 80’s?  – WOW that’s a tricky one, torn between Metallica and Queen…I’m going to say Queen. I’ve always loved their sound and really believe they helped shape music even up to today. Legends.

Lee, our photographer wears aloooot of cool t-shirts so he’s next on our quiz hit list.

Music t-shirts

Biggest fashion faux paux of your childhood? Basin hair cut. My mum was so good at it though she didn’t need the basin to cut around

Last thing you bought from TruffleShuffle? Beastie Boys Robot T-shirt

Who would win in a fight…Superman or Batman, more importantly…why? Batman because as he is a member of the Justice League he knows all Superman’s strengths and weaknesses and habits, Plus Batman has possession of a kryptonite ring which would be able to leave Superman helpless.

There you have it…! All our favourite stuff summed up! What’s your favourite TruffleShuffle t-shirt, past or present?


The Summer of music! Our Latest Music Tees…

With Summer looking (sometimes) like it’s in full glorious swing, AND with so many amazing and iconic festivals either just behind us or coming up thick and fast, it really is the perfect time to dive into the wonderful world of music and spread some love for the greats the best way we know how….on a classic band tshirt!!

Helping to make your Summer that extra little bit special this year, we’ve been working hard and have just got in some amazing new music t-shirts that are ideal for the hot sunny days ahead, be it at a family BBQ, the beach, beer garden (drink responsibly) or even rocking it around town.
Take a peep at some of our latest rock t-shirts below for some fashion inspiration….

Recently back with a bang and taking this top spot in the charts with 13, this amazing Black Sabbath T-Shirt is a perfect way to pay homage to the iconic Brit rock band.

Men's Black Sabbath Creature T-Shirt
Men's Black Sabbath Creature T-Shirt

Whether it’s Dancing Queen, Money Money Money or Waterloo, everyone knows and loves an Abba classic! This faces Abba T-Shirt if a real must-have for all your fans out there.

Ladies Abba Faces T-Shirt
Ladies Abba Faces T-Shirt

If you love a bit of Bowie on a hot Summers day, do it in style with this cool new David Bowie T-Shirt featuring the man….sorry….legend himself doing his thing on stage. A simple classic.

Men's David Bowie Scream T-Shirt
Men's David Bowie Scream T-Shirt

Wether you were one of the lucky ones who got to see them at Glasto just last weekend….or like most of us here you settled for and amazing experience on telly, everyone should be getting into some classic rock n roll action with a Rolling Stones T-Shirt! They have been the height of cool since the early days and now the humble Rolling Stones tee is just as big…if not bigger than it’s ever been and will always be in fashion.

Ladies Rolling Stones Distressed Tongue T-Shirt
Ladies Rolling Stones Distressed Tongue T-Shirt

Check out this wicked Johnny Cash T-Shirt that comes bursting with Rock n Roll attitude and style! Got to love the iconic image of the musical legend himself flippin the bird…many speculations over why he did that..but we think it’s cool whatever.

Men's Johnny Cash Cash Flippin T-Shirt
Men's Johnny Cash Cash Flippin T-Shirt

Ahh this take me back to my youth! When most of my music collection was made up of angry young men who loved to really shout about it….it still is actually! This wicked tee shirt is a great way to show your appreciation for the band who formed in 1996 and features the classic Linkin Park logo. Love it!

Men's Linkin Park Concentric Logo T-Shirt
Men's Linkin Park Concentric Logo T-Shirt

Packed with their signature look and attitude, this amazing Bullet for my Valentine T-Shirt is a great way to show off your….heavier rock side with some amazing detail (I love the drips!) and bold imagery. The style and shape of of little number really completes the look too.

Ladies Bullet For My Valentine Dead Heart T-Shirt
Ladies Bullet For My Valentine Dead Heart T-Shirt

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap folks! All of these amazing new designs are available for only £19.99 and will be sure to complete any look you so wish 🙂

Are there any bands you think we’re missing or other designs you’d love to see?? Let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll try and hunt them down for you.


Mixing it up with our fresh new music tees!

We love a good mash-up at TruffleShuffle and these brand new funky T-shirts certainly fit the bill!  Quirky brand Cool Toons have added a humorous twist to some of our favourite hip-hop acts on an awesome line of music T-shirts that dares to be different.

Holy Moly! Inspired by one of the greatest hip hop acts ever, Run DMC, this Nun DMC offers a whole new take on the timeless rappers!

Snoop Dogg and the humble amphibian the frog come together on this funny Snoop Frogg design. Hip Hop to it, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this cool tshirt!

This Beastie Soys tee just made us chuckle so much when we first saw it! Quite an unusual combo to say the least. So fight for your right, to be different!

Stand out from the crowd by picking something from this great collection today!

TruffleShuffle’s Top Festival Fashion Picks 2013!

With Festival season getting into full swing – rainy British summer included, we thought we would give you guys a little helping hand if you’re heading to one of the next main events in the ‘musicalindar’.

So! We’ve thought long and hard and have rustled up some of our top Festival T-Shirts and accessories for you guys to pick from, whether you’re wanting to look cooler than an polar bears toes, or just looking to survive in style this year.

No this has been a classic since time began! Okay maybe not quite that long but for as long as we care to remember. Featuring the iconic design from one of the biggest bands ever, this The Stone Roses T-Shirt is instantly recognisable and will also be a huge hit after their amazing return back onto the stage. Seeing the boys this year? This one is a must!

Ladies Stone Roses Wanna Be Adored Charcoal T-Shirt from Amplified Vintage
Stone Roses Wanna Be Adored Charcoal T-Shirt

If icons are you thing and you like to make a statement with a good old fashioned photographic print, look no further than out amazing Debbie Harry Sailor T-Shirt. There’s no denying it….Debbie is HOT and we love the vintage style print combines with the amazing style and fit tee, a great image to be rocking this year.

Debbie Harry T-Shirt
Ladies Off White Debbie Harry Sailor Sleeveless T-Shirt from Dirty Cotton Scoundrels

Go bold with some Bowie! Yes the man is back and still has what it takes to bring out some amazing new music and sounds. Probably the most reinvented man in music ever, David Bowie has taken many forms and all of which are hugely well loved. Show off your passion for classic pop in this amazing vintage style David Bowie TShirt from Amplified Clothing.

Men's Charcoal David Bowie 1974 Tour T-Shirt from Amplified Vintage
Men's Charcoal David Bowie 1974 Tour T-Shirt from Amplified Vintage

Classic rock lover? This TShirt will never go out of fashion! A style staple from their early days, check out this amazing Guns N Roses T-shirt featuring their drum logo print.

Men's Classic Guns N Roses Drum T-Shirt from Amplified Vintage
Men's Classic Guns N Roses Drum T-Shirt from Amplified Vintage

Set your arm free in this stunning ladies Ramones Vest! This is such a varsatile piece and will look amazing with shots and wellies, or even as a rocker look with dark leggings, styled to the max. What a gem!

Ladies Ramones Logo Strappy Vest from Amplified Vintage
Ladies Ramones Logo Strappy Vest from Amplified Vintage


Wether you’rel ooking for some practical fun, or just some sillyness to remeber the occasion, we’ve got just what you need!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack

Bullet Grey Retro Boombox Bum Bag With Working Speakers from Fydelity
Bullet Grey Retro Boombox Bum Bag With Working Speakers from Fydelity

Vintage Canvas Camera Case from Ted Baker
Vintage Canvas Camera Case from Ted Baker

Retro Gamer Ghosts Backpack
Retro Gamer Ghosts Backpack

And that’s a wrap! Wherever you end up this year and whoever you get to see live, have an amazing time and stay super safe!